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The Logistics Hub

No description

Brian Bent

on 14 July 2014

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Transcript of The Logistics Hub

Based on a survey conducted about
of Jamaicans believe that a Chinese led employment program such as the Jamaica Logistics Hub will result in the violation of their labor rights.
80% of investment promoters fail to provide the required information to facilitate foreign direct investment.
Benefits of the Logistics Hub
Foreign Exchange
Economic Growth
Communication Challenges with the Logistics Hub
Audience Analysis
P - Purpose
A - Audience
I - Information
B - Benefits
O - Objections
C - Context
The Jamaica Logistics Hub

Benefits of a Formal
Communications System
Brian Bent
Rosheda Bennett
Matthew Thomas
Kalena Mollison
Patricia Long
Tamika Prawl
Numerous concerns have been raised regarding differences in employment culture, an efficient communications network could:
dispel any negative misconceptions
reinforce the benefits of the initiative
Culture Barriers
Lack of feedback
Language Barriers
Audience Perceptions
Negative perceptions of environmental implications
Dredging will be done to accommodate the Maersk Alabama resulting in the destruction of tons of coral
Based on our findings, there is a quantifiable need for the dissemination of factual information about the logistics hub. While newspaper articles have been used, diversifying the channel selection would help greatly.

Recommended Channels
Radio Broadcasts: a cost effective way of educating the wider population about the benefits of the Logistics Hub.

Commercials: an effective way to communicate news about the Logistics Hub, and also efficient at dispelling and misconceptions
There is an overwhelming need for a communicating body with the Logistics Hub.
The negative perceptions created have already began to manifest themselves antagonistically as barriers to its inception. Creating communications systems would go a long way to correcting these problems. The jobs created by this initiative would only better Jamaica in a time filled with economic uncertainty
The Jamaica Logistics Hub
Why is the proposed hub critical?

What is a Logistics Hub?
It is a specified area responsible for the coordination, transportation, organization, sorting and delivery of goods for both local and international transit
Expansion of the Panama Canal expected to be completed by 2015
Increased economic activity
Increased competition, products and services
Access to foreign capital and investment
Expansion, modernization and privatization of the Kingston Container Terminal
Why Jamaica?
Geo-strategic location at the centre of the Americas

Modern port/maritime, air and telecoms/ data infrastructure

The 3rd largest English speaking country in the Western hemisphere with a large trainable workforce
Maverick Communications
Goat Island
Out of a survey of 5 financial institutions, 4 said they have the capital to invest but are unaware how to do so.
Increased competitiveness of IPI's (Investment Promotion Intermediaries)
Highlight FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) trends in the country
Feedback from potential investors regarding investment profile and overall economic sentiment.
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