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The Body of Christopher Creed - Chap. 1

No description

Susan Sweet

on 23 November 2013

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Transcript of The Body of Christopher Creed - Chap. 1

The Body of Christopher Creed - Chap. 1
Torey Adams is telling what happened to him last year in Steepleton.
He is presently in a boarding school called Rothborne.
He is a senior.
He is originally from Steepleton, New Jersey.
He has had some difficulty his junior year.
He is finally getting along with other people.
He doesn't like other people touching his guitar.
He is writing a letter on his computer.
He doesn't want anyone else to see this letter.

Torey's roommate at Rothborne.
Is a member of "crew" which is a rowing team.

Loves pranks and "shooting the bull" with Torey.
Goes to bed at a decent time.
People avoid Leo.
He's a tall guy with brown hair who looks like everyone else.
Liked to "hang out in the union."
Torey describes him as being "sideways."
He stares at guys and makes them uncomfortable.
Has a "big mouth."
Messed with Torey's guitar.
Reminded Torey of Christopher Creed.
Dr. Fahdi
Torey's psychiatrist
Told Torey that writing about his experience would be "healing."
Was given Torey's whole story of the experience--it was practically book-length.
What is Torey trying to do by contacting "Alex Healy"?
He hopes the name "Chris Creed" means something to him, and he will, therefore, get in touch with Torey about Chris.
He is just one person that Torey hopes will help him find Chris Creed.
He disappeared.
Was punched by Torey in the nose in the sixth grade.
Annoyed Torey in Cub Scouts, threw baseballs over Torey's head in Little League, went to the same church.
Torey's letter
Written to Alex Healy
Concerning Chris Creed--possible suicide or murder
No trace of Chris whatsoever
Found a note written by Chris 24 hours before his disappearance.
Two things Steepleton couldn't cope with
The fact that the weirdest kid in town suddenly disappeared, but his weirdness seemed to linger.
The "black hole" itself--the thing that comes out of nowhere and eats a kid alive and doesn't leave a hair from his head.
Rumors about Torey
He saw Creed dead and that made him "crazy."
He helped kill Creed.
He was on a giant denial trip trying to prove his innocence.
He stumbled over Creed's body in the woods.
The reason Torey left Steepleton
He left to get away from death and the fear of ghosts.
Has PTSD. (post traumatic stress disorder)
People who can attest to the truth of his story
His mom
A girl
Steepleton's chief of police, Douglas Rye who became chief two weeks after Chris's disappearance.
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