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"The Most Dangerous Game"

No description

Charlotte Carnes

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of "The Most Dangerous Game"

"The Most Dangerous Game"
Writing Assignment

Zaroff and Rainsford
The Writing Prompt
In a 2-3 paragraph essay, compare and contrast General Zaroff and Sanger Rainsford. You must include 3 comparisons (similarities) and 3 contrasts (differences). You must have a thesis statement, quality supporting details and a conclusion.
A successful essay should:
• Have a thesis statement stating the topic of the essay. It should include the story title and author.
• Have three comparisons and three contrasts.
• Contain specific details from the story to support your ideas.
• Have a conclusion.
• Be organized.
• Be written in a variety of complete sentences.
• Be free of errors with spelling, grammar and punctuation.
• Be typed, double-spaced and turned in on time.

These are two complex characters who share some similar qualities yet are very different! What do they have in common? What is different about the two men?
Important Dates
Friday in class
: Prewriting
Friday homework
: Write the rough draft
Monday in class
: Self and Peer review of drafts; time to revise and edit
Monday homework:
Type your essay
Turn in essay when class begins.

Your Goal
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