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Jennifer Pickren

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of 1940-1949

The History Channel Presents: The 1940s
Food and Leisure
World War II 1941-1945
Get Out There and Play
Health and Rehab
Quickly train OT's because injured soldiers
OT schools required 18 months to be accredited
Examination required for an OT practitioner
Rehabilitation Movement
WWII sparked this movement
OT's ran rehab programs for injured veterans
Back to the future
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synthetic rubber is produced
commercial flights with pressurized cabins
first freezed-dried food
The disposable aerosol can
Mark I computer invented
DNA is isolated by Oswald Avery
The first atom bomb is tested in Alamogordo, NM
the first commercial television (13 channels)
Elmer's glue
Polio virus is isolated
The first LP phonograph
Bell Laboratories transistor
World Health Organization established
photo credit: oldtime.com
photo credit: vintageadbrowser.com
Cultural Changes
photo credit: U.S. Army Medical Dept. Office of Medical History
Popular Toys
Silly Putty
Invented in 1943
Began as a failed substitute for rubber in WWII
Sold for $2
Invented in 1943 by a Naval Mechanical engineer
Sold for $1 in 1945
Invented in 1948 by Walter Morrison
Made them out of plastic
Called "Flying Saucers"
Was considered the "thing-to-do"
Candy Land
Invented in 1945 by Eleanor Abbott
Milton Bradley Company bought the game and put it on store shelves in 1949
What to do for fun?
Kick the Can
Soda Shops
"The Jitterbug"
Ballroom Dancing
Movie Theaters
Black and White films
U.S. officially enters war December 7, 1941
2,400 Americans killed
1,200 wounded
"A date that will live in infamy." -Franklin D. Roosevelt
D-Day June 6, 1944
Invasion of Normandy Beach, France
156,000 Allied troops from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Free France, and Norway
5,000 ships and landing craft
50,000 vehicles
11,000 planes
Atomic Bombs
Hiroshima, Japan: August 6, 1945
180,000 killed, wounded, or missing after atomic bomb is dropped
Nagasaki, Japan: August 9, 1945
Second bomb is dropped after Japanese delay surrender. 80,000 killed or missing
Victory over Japan Day September 2, 1945
Japan surrenders
Statistics from WWII
16.1 million Americans served in WWII
Average amount of time U.S. servicemen served overseas during the war was 16 months
405,000 Americans killed
671,846 American soldiers wounded
The war is finally over.
Good Eating
Kellogg's Corn Flakes
1940: 8oz = 11 cents/2 packages
1949: 13oz = 19 cents
1944: 5 cents/bottle
1945: 23 cents/6-12oz bottle
Hershey Bar
1941: 1.25oz = 5 cents
1947: 1oz = 5 cents
1948: 4.5oz = 15 cents
Howard Johnson's 28 Flavors
Flavors in order of Popularity
Chocolate Chip
Maple Walnut
Burgundy Cherry
Butter Pecan
Caramel Fudge
Frozen Pudding
Orange Pineapple
Pecan Brittle
Black Raspberry
Fruit Salad
Lemon Stick
Grape Nut
Peanut Brittle
Professional sports suffered after the beginning of the war
Baseball maintained a level of success
Major contributors include Jackie Robertson, Joe Louis, Mildred Zaharias, and Alice Coachman
The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League was founded in 1943
Baseball was racially segregated until 1945
Brooklyn Dodger's general manager, Branch Rickey, decided to attempt the "great experiment" in 1945 in response to the Jim Crow policies
Rickey signed a contract with Jackie Robinson of the Negro Leagues, Kansas City Monarchs in 1947
Team owners to worry about the Negro League's survival after the best players joined the Major League which would also mean that many Negro League players would lose their livelihoods
Jackie Robinson
All-around athlete at UCLA
Drafted into the Army in 1942
Opened an officer professional school in 1942 with Joe Lewis
After leaving the Army in 1944, joined Kansas City Monarchs
Broke baseball's color barrier in 1947 by joining Brooklyn Dodgers
Symbol of hope
National League MVP in 1949
Joe Louis
1937-1949 "Heavyweight Champion of the World"
Only lost one of his first 69 fights
Enlisted in the Army in 1941 and served with Jackie Robinson
During war fought in 96 exhibition fights as entertainment for troops
He was buried in Arlington National Cemetery with Ronald Reagan's approval
Mildred Ella "Babe" Didrikson Zaharias
One of first major female athletes in United States
1932 Olympics for track and field, but known for golf career
Achieved amateur status as golfer in 1943
She won 17 amatuer tournaments in a row
First woman to win British Women's Amateur Golf tournament
Co-founded Ladies Professional Golf Association in 1949
"Babe" was named "Woman Athlete of the Half-Century" in 1950 by the Associated Press
Alice Coachman
Began running on track team in high school
Competed in Olympics in 1948
First African American woman to win an Olympic gold medal
Founded the Alice Coachman Track and Field Foundation
Women's Roles
Navy Women
Florence Mast and Doris Vick reminisce about their WWII service in the Navy WAVES
War Industries
Eleanor Roosevelt
1945 The United Nations is established; Eleanor Roosevelt is appointed as a U.S. delgate
White Dominance
White dominance
"Jim Crowe Laws"
Separate but equal
Setting the Future
Paschal's Restaurant
Now historic Paschal's Restaurant opens in Atlanta as a small 30 seat cafe. Twelve years later, the restaurant moves to a larger site and becomes the unofficial headquarters of the Civil Rights Movement and its leaders.
December 4, 1949
The first African American policemen are hired. They are restricted to African-American neighborhoods, carry no guns, and are barred from arresting white citizens.
Japanese- American Relocation
Japanese Americans board a train at the Santa Anita Assembly Center
Lost Farms
In 1940, Japanese Americans controlled 458,056 acres of California farmland
Lost their way of life
Japanese-American family in their apartment at the Puyallup Assembly Center, Washington (library of congress)
Small Cabins
110,000 Japanese-Americans were held in 10 internment camps from May 1942-January 1945.
Winter at the Manzanar internment camp 1943
American Children
Two Japanese-American boys in San Francisco wait for a bus to take them to an internment camp
Element plutonium discovered by U.S. scientists
Immigration of the Intellectuals
anti-Semitism and fascism sent many European intellectuals to the United States
They came from Germany, Poland, Hungary, Austria, France, the Soviet Union, and Czechoslovakia
Albert Einstein, Enrico Fermi, and Victor Hess and many other Nobel Prize winners
Many were involved in the Manhattan Project
Socialist and pacifist
did not believe in using scientists' knowledge for military use
wrote a letter to President Roosevelt declaring the danger nuclear fission could produce but also mentioned Germany's possible atomic weapon development
Propelled Manhattan Project
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Polio Epidemic
Affected 52,000
Increased need for OT's
Common causes of death
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