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How to Use Facebook for Network Marketing Business Buiding

Use Facebook as a tool to build your business in network marketing.

Mark Gubuan

on 10 June 2010

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Transcript of How to Use Facebook for Network Marketing Business Buiding

Facebook for Network Marketing Professionals CALL TO ACTION: 1. Connect with Me on Here on Facebook
2. Join My Group MLM Success Made Simple
3. Comment On This Video
4. Share This Video About Me Section
Contact Info
A Great Tag Line
Websites Your Brand It's going to be what people remember last about you. If you're cutting horrible videos, people will see you as a person who cuts terrible videos.

If you keep posting your opportunity on walls and leading with your opportunity. People will see you as an amateur and NOT a professional.

Lead with VALUE and OVERDELIVER Build a Targeted List of Prospects Quick Tip: Professionals Sort and Pre-qualify Group Title
-Keyword Driven Objective: A Responsive Group Groups and Fan Pages Messages with Value Messages with Opportunities Messages with Product Offers Learn How to Write Headlines and Copy Building the List Manually Adding Friends Daily Inviting People to Your Group or Fan Page Daily Building the List Automatically Facebook PPC Asking Other List Owners to Suggest the Group Professional Courtesy Wall Posts Personal Messages Chat Group Messages Tagging Courtesy in General $ Connecting Like a Professional What is the MESSAGE you're trying to convey to your prospects and consumers? Professional Profile Introduce yourself, using a "firm" handshake Build rapport Develop a "business" relationship Give them value first. "Ask" to offer advice. READ THEIR PROFILE FIRST This Presentation is Brought to You By MarkGubuan.com
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