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Santa Maria Volcano

No description

stephen schelfe

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Santa Maria Volcano

Santa Maria A lot of people might ask, is Santa Maria active, dormant or extinct? Santa Maria is active, but let me show you how active it is. Eruption Information Type of Volcano Santa Maria is a stratovolcano. Also, did you know that stratovolcanoes are the most common type of volcano? Location Longitude Type of Explosion Classification Date of First Recorded Eruption October 24, 1902 Number of People Died Latitude 91.55w 14.76s Country Guatemala 5,000 but probably more Before this eruption, it had
been inactive for thousands
years. So you could almost
say Santa Maria made its
comeback! The one reason that so many
people died is because back
then they didn't have the
technology to warn or alert
people before the eruption. Picture of a stratovolcano Santa Maria is a explosive volcano. The explosion in 1902 was a plinian volcano. A plinian volcano is the largest and most violent types of a volcanic eruption. These kind of volcanoes are very destructive. They can produce falls of ash, scoria, and lava bombs miles away from the volcano, and cause much more damage. Fun Facts 3. Santa Maria has a large crater where it once collapsed from a rather big explosion. 5. The 1902 eruption took 50 to 100 homes. 1.The volcano is 3,722 meters high. 2.The 1902 eruption lasted for 3 days.
Oct. 24, 25 and 26. The volcano has a sharp-topped cone. Pictures!! 4. Thanks
Watching! It's still erupting today! By: Maria Schelfe
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