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Odyssey Bell Ringers and Assignments

No description

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Odyssey Bell Ringers and Assignments

The Odyssey: Books 10, 11, and 12
Directions: You will create an events timeline using the handout provided. Mark on the timeline important events that occur during Books 10, 11, and 12.

have at least 10 main events from Books 10, 11, and 12.
The timeline must be neatly written and must have
5 images on the timeline that go with the 10 events on your timeline. The image may be clipart, a small drawing you did yourself, a photo, etc.
The timeline must be neat, well-written, and colorful.
Directions: You are creating a comic strip detailing the adventures of Odysseus and his men on the island of the Cyclops.
You must have AT LEAST six panels.
Each panel will represent one of the six points on the plot line – introduction (to characters and situation), inciting moment (hook/introduction of conflict), rising action, climax/peak, falling action, and resolution.
Each box will have text beneath it showing what part of the story is illustrated. That text must be a direct quote from the story and have the line number(s) in parentheses after it. You may invent short bits of dialogue to put inside the box itself.
Your Comic Strip must be colored and neat!

Book Nine: Odysseus and the Cyclops
Quick Write
What do you notice about this painting of Calypso and Odysseus?
1) Call to Adventure
2) Assistance
3) Departure
4) Trials
5) Approach
6) Crisis

Let's Review!
The 12 Steps of the Epic Hero Journey
Let's Review!
The 12 Steps of the Epic Hero Journey
Write 1-12 in your composition book, and fill in the 12 stages of the epic hero journey.
Odyssey Bell Ringers and Assignments
Tick, tock, goes the clock!
7) Treasure
8) Result
9) Return
10) New Life
11) Resolution
12) Status Quo

Book Five:
Odysseus and Calypso
Quick Write
Compare and contrast the two depictions of Circe the Witch. What do you notice?
Book Ten:
Odysseus and Circe
Quick Write: Trials on this Journey
Based on the 12 steps of an epic hero's journey that we have been discussing, what sort of “trials” have Odysseus and his men been facing while on this “quest”?

Be prepared to share!
Quick Write: Review
1) Write down the 12 steps of an epic hero's journey IN ORDER.

2) Write at least one example of each of the stages that we have read so far from
The Odyssey
. If we have not seen an example of a quality yet, write “no example yet.”
While we read...
let's keep track of Odysseus' many destinations!
Directions: As we read, keep track of Odysseus' stops as he attempts to get home.
Use the map provided.
Must be neatly written and colored.
If Odysseus is sailing then he
travel on the ocean! Don't have his boat steering over a body of land!
Quick Write
This sculpture of Odysseus was produced in Rome sometime between A.D. 4 and 26. How would you describe the expression on his face?
Book Nine:
Odysseus and the Cyclops
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