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Articles of Confederation

No description

Mr. Dellorco

on 22 September 2017

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Transcript of Articles of Confederation

Articles of Confederation
How difficult is it to get a unanimous agreement ?
Discussion of Findings

The colonies broke away and fought a war against Great Britain

Need to stay together
A group of States united under a weak central government
Articles of Confederation graphic organizer
• Under the Articles of Confederation, how did the national government fund its programs?
• What did the monetary system look like?
• How were national laws enforced?
• How were amendments to the Articles enacted?
• What was necessary to pass new laws?
• What was the role of the executive branch?
Why could this potentially be a problem?
o Would this potential issue compound into other problems?
o What groups of society would this issue potentially impact?
o Does the problem identified have a simple solution or need a complete overhaul?
o State’s rights supporter
o Big government supporter
o Southern farmer
o Northern upper class intellectual
o Woman
o Minority
What was the reason they created such a weak government?
Congress had no power to levy or collect taxes

Congress had no power to regulate trade

Congress had no power to enforce laws

Approval of 9 States was needed to make laws

13 States were needed to make amendments to the Articles

The Government had no Executive Branch

There was no National Court System
Trade among States and other countries was difficult

It was difficult to enact laws

No effective means of enforcing the work of the Government

The Government was always short of money

The National Government relied on States for law enforcement

No way to settle dispute among the States

There was no easy way to change powers within the Government
How did the Weaknesses affect our new Nation?
1. Treaty with Britain
2. Created a system to use the land in the Ohio Territory

Features of the Articles

1 unicameral chamber of Congress
2 No Federal Court system
3 No Executive Branch

Did the Articles of Confederation represent the ideals of the American Revolution?
Define this word
Open in iTunes U
iTunes U Discussion
Structure of the Articles of Confederation
U.S. no longer the favorite trading partner of Great Britain
U.S. exports to British ports had to be on British ships
Many U.S.-produced goods were barred from British ports
Britain sent vast amounts of cheap goods to U.S.

Potential Remedy

Establish a tariff on British goods
Weakness in Articles of Confederation preventing this solution

Trade Issues
William Halsey
There are no extraordinary men... just extraordinary circumstances that ordinary men are forced to deal with.
Describe how other nations treated the U.S. government under the AOC.
Explain the one main success that was achieve by the Confederation Congress
What are the main defining characteristics of the Articles of Confederation?
To what extent did the Articles of Confederation provide the United States with an effective government?

1. What problems did the weaknesses in the Articles of Confederation lead to in the new republic?2. Should the Articles of Confederation be amended or abandoned?
3. How did the events surrounding the amending of the Articles of Confederation
foreshadow the events at the Constitutional Convention?
4. Could we have survived as a nation under the Articles of Confederation?
Open Student friendly Articles of Confederation in iTunes U Course Unit 2 Articles of Confederation
How was the role of "President" defined in the Articles of Confederation?
What were the weaknesses in the Articles of Confederation regarding the role of the President?
5 Major Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation
1. A weak national (or central) government.
2. Congress could not tax or regulate trade.
3. One vote per state no matter the size of the population or land size.
4. The national government did not have an executive or judicial branch.
5. No common currency among the states.
Powers under the Articles
• Make war and peace,
send and receive ambassadors,
enter into treaties,
raise and equip navy,
maintain an army by requesting troops from the states,
appoint senior military officers,
fix standards of weights and measures,
regulate Indian affairs,
establish post offices,
decide certain disputes among states

• All other powers resided with states
• Fair development of land to the west of the Appalachians
o Northwest Ordinance of 1787: established the principle that the territories were to be developed for statehood on the equal basis with the older states.
• Peace treaty with Great Britain
o Enlarged US territory by acquiring land from the Atlantic Coast to the Mississippi River and from The Great Lakes and Canada to Florida.
• Set up Departments for Foreign Affairs, War, Marine, and Treasury with secretaries
o Precedent for creation of cabinet departments
• Encouraged “full faith and credit” of states: states to honor the legal acts of other states
No power to enforce laws
Why were the Articles of Confederation a weak form of government?
Why were the Articles of Confederation needed in the new nation?
Reasons why the Articles of Confederation were weak
Problems due to weakness of Articles of Confederation
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