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No description

Akarshan Kumar

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of AFN

Needs Assessment: Russell, Adam, Aki and James Front Steps Transitional Services Other Benefits Competing Services Variety of services offered

Current support from Austin Free Net

Self-selective use of labs among clientele One approach:
Integrate computer training more closely with transitional services "The Case Management program at the ARCH focuses on improving stability within three areas – income, housing and self-care." Meet weekly with the homeless adults Client Problems Organizational Problems The Problem Lack of computer skills means less desirable in the job market
Unmarketable even if genuinely talented
Unsustainable, even if the client gains employment Social workers have limited time
Building digital literacy will streamline intake and application process
Time online with Case Manager has a high opportunity cost, could be better used
Generating self-support in line with organizational mission
Encouraging self-support reduces risk for need to return to agency after job placement Job Placement 90% of all jobs require basic computer skills
20% of Americans who don't have internet access face fastest rises in unemployment Internet has tremendous potential to improve the emotional and psychological experience of a person's self-identity

IT literacy is about
Technology Literacy (tools), and
Information Literacy (making sense of data)

Long-term employment means long-term housing Horizon
-Provides mainly upper level services

Skillpoint Alliance, Empower Computer Literacy Program
- Classes priced on sliding scale
- Connected to the education network in Austin

AGE Computer Lab
- Works with wealthier clientele
- $60 for 8 hours for an average course (CS 101)
- $60 for 8 hours for CS 102 Suggestions 1. Pursue grant for pilot program and in-depth study to generate data 2. Market paid training services to diverse clientele to subsidize costs for underserved populations Paid Training
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