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GCSE 2010 B061 Revision

Breakfast revision for GCSE ICT - Paper 1

Alison Bolton

on 1 July 2011

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Transcript of GCSE 2010 B061 Revision

GCSE B061 Revision DTP DTP Questions tend to be about

Alternative Documents Improvments What Improvments have been made? You must QUALIFY your answer, saying "Made it bold" or "Changed font" or "Centered" is not enough!! IMPROVMENTS ARE:

Changed font style / used WordArt
Bold fonts for emphasis / Increased font size
Inserted picture / clipart / graphic
Added border / thicker border / coloured border
Increased size / paper
Centred text / centre alignment / paragraph justification Alternative Documents Again QUALIFY your answer a) Flier/ Newspaper/ Leaflet to advertise or promote....

b) Letters / Programme / Newsletter to inform of ...

c) Tickets / Entry form/application form to allow.... Do Not use Brand Names! Excel, Word and Access are brand names Spreadsheets Calculating
Modelling Mrs Bolton Which of the following formulas could be used to give the Total Bill in Cell F2? Usually have 2 formulas A =SUM (C2:E2)
B =B2+C2+D2+E2
C =C2+D2+E2
D =SUM (A2:E2) SUM adds a column or row
ONLY!!!! Spreadsheets are SIMULATION MODELS

SIMULATION = PREDICTION / WHAT IF? Examples of Spreadsheet use:
1) Financial forecasting - What would happen if reduce prices by 10 %
2) Safety test - What would happen to car in 30 mile an hour crash
3) Car or engine diagnosis - Running through simulations of common faults
4) Learning to drive - Change test condition met Database What?
3 S’s Store, Search, Sort Fields, Records, Queries
Validation, Primary Key, Reports Searches = Equals

> More than

< Less than Hardware Barcode reader
laser scanner
Weighing scales
Loyalty card reader
Chip and PIN reader
Portable data entry device (PDET)
top-up card reader
Touch Screen (BOTH) Input Devices Output Devices
LCD Screen
receipt printer NOT receipt dispenser
Cheque printer
Touch Screen (BOTH) Output Devices Country Code
Manufacturer code
Product Code
Check Digit account number, bank sort code, encoded PIN, and withdrawal limit ATM's SERVICES
Change PIN No
Check balance
Transfer money between accounts
Printed mini statement
Order cheque books and statements
Select language.
Order tickets
Deposit cash Advantages of ATMs;
For the customers
Provide 24-hour services
Access ATM’s in many locations
Cuts down on queues in banks / faster service for customers
(Not shorter queues at the ATM)
For the bank
Save on staff costs
Allows staff to concentrate on other work e.g. selling mortgages or other
Services/increase sales
Increased security Problems which could occur when customers use ATMs
Could be attacked/security
Could forget PIN
Wrong amount of money issued
Card could be retained
Card might get damaged Networks NETWORK = Computers linked together
INTERNET = Network of Networks EMAIL = Message sent between computers
ATTACHMENT = File sent with email
CARBON COPY = sent to more than one person GUI Command Line
Menu Driven
Graphical User Interfaces Command Line ADVANTAGES
Less Memory
Less Processing
Lower Resolution Monitor DISADVANTAGES
Commands have to be typed
and learned
Precise Menu Driven ADVANTAGES
Easy to use
Step by step instructions
Don't need large processors or memory DISADVANTAGES
Can be slow to navigate
Small text can be difficult
Only suitable for small apps Graphical User Interfaces WIMP
Easy to explore
Exchange data between apps DISADVANTAGES
Uses more memory
Uses more hard disk space
Uses more processing power
Harder for programmers Data - Raw facts and figures
Information - Processed Data
Knowledge - Processed data with rules Health Hazards Back Pain
Eye Strain
Stress The Essay Question

Read it once
Read it again
Make bullet pointed notes
Expand on your notes, using your bullet points
Remember to check coherance, spelling and grammar. Desk Top Publishing Spreadsheet Word Processing Database Embedded Systems A computer system combining hardware and software for a specific purpose or dedicated function. Example:
Washing Machine Example:
ATM An embedded system is a computer system designed to perform one or a few dedicated functions often with real-time computing constraints.
It is embedded as part of a complete device often including hardware and mechanical parts.
By contrast, a general-purpose computer, such as a personal computer (PC), is designed to be flexible and to meet a wide range of end-user needs.
Embedded systems control many devices in common use today. Such as dedicated routers and network bridges to route data in networks. In a washing-machine controller a Micro-controller forms the heart of the system (this is the basic Hardware), and software on the top of this hardware add different functionalities to the controller.
Different Software functions will be executed based on user input from the keypad (more hardware), which sits on top of the software layers. The hardware and software layers in this system are closely intermingled, with software lying some where in between (being embeded) hardware layers. Advantages: Disadvantages: Automobiles: Fuel Injection control (for fuel efficiency), Air bags and Automatic braking (for safety), and car entertainment systems are example of embedded systems.
Medical Electronics: Many shophisticated medical instruments (Body Scanners, Heart rate monitors, Pacemaker etc) are example of embedded systems.
Industrial Control: such as CNC machines are example embedded systems.
Business Applications: Vending machines, scanners, printers.
Consumer Electronics: Cameras, Toys, Cellular Phones, Washing Machines
Defense: RADARs, SONARs (for suvellience), Guided Missile Systems are example of embedded system technology. real time operation
dedicated to specific tasks/functions
inbuilt sub-functions e.g. different spin speed/temperature combinations
embedded program cannot be changed by user
no need for user to change embedded program
require little memory to run
require no keyboard or other peripherals other than buttons e.g. basic input Only perform a limited set of functions
Cannot be edited or changed by the user
If faulty, often whole system will need to be replaced
Cannot easily be upgraded or improved Happy Revision!
Good Luck! Malware Viruses Any program designed to harm your computer or data. Spyware E-mail Disadvantages Advatages Phishing Quick - seconds
Cheap v hard copy post
High volume – mass coverage
Efficient – less than 0.1% of mail is lost
Can send files / attachments
Availability No face to face communication / impersonal
No inference / deeper meaning
Importance of accuracy in addressing
Easy to make mistakes
Junk / Spam / Phishing / Fraud
Viruses / Trojans / Spyware / Inappropriate content E-Commerce Shopping online Uses of Embedded Systems Tips Take regular breaks - 10 minutes every hour
Get a proper chair - Adjustable with 5 legs
Ensure your workstation is set up properly - monitor correct distance away
Ensure proper lighting and ventilation
Support wrists using wrist rests for keyboard and mouse Queries =A1+B1+C1+D1
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