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Temperate Forest Biome

Bio Honors Science Project

Meera Vyas

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Temperate Forest Biome

Temperate Seasonal Forest Biotic Factors Animals Plants Abiotic Factors Climate Pollution Asia Much of the temperate forest found in North America is located in the eastern third of America. It is the area with a climate best suited for this biome 6 month growing season
non-growing season due to temperature-induced drought during the cold winters Varies from -30 C to 30 C Temperature Rain Fall Soil 75-150 of precipitation throughout the year Works Cited http://www.marietta.edu/~biol/biomes/tempded.htm
http://www.globio.org/glossopedia/article.aspx?art_id=3 Major American Temperate Forests Dysart Woods, Ohio A temperate Forest in Ohio, and one of the oldest remaining tracts of old-forest woods in the state Latitude:39.9846° N
Longitude: 80.9976° W Eastern BroadLeaf Forest Province The Eastern Broadleaf Forest is a forest located in Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, and Arkansas. It is a province stretching almost 12 million acres. Appalachian/Blue Ridge Forests The Appalachian/Blue Ridge Forest is a temperate broadleaf forest located in a long strip through several eastern states. It covers 61,510 sq miles of land and has a huge variety of species living in it North America Indicator Species of North America Plants Oaks Maples Beech Wildflowers Sycamore Redbud Sassafras Dutchman's Breeches Animals American Toad Box turtles Chipmunks Gray Squirrel Deer Wolves Box Elder Songbirds Cicada Opposom Snakes Bears Raccoons Major Temperate Forests Worldwide Brown forest soil fertile with decaying litter
Not very acidic
Nutrients returned to earth in fall Seasons Well defined Latitude: 23° north to 38° south Acid Rain from factories, coal-burning power plants, cars, and other things Elevation 6,000 to 7,000 ft aove sea level red pandas, giant pandas,
snow leopards bobcats, deer, rabbits, bears,
woodpeckers boars, badgers, squirrels,
song birds hemlock sequoia sweet gum pine evergreen fir The Asian temperate forest is a decidous forest and goes through all four seasons. It is located in Asia, and while the climate is similar to the forests in America, the species of animals and trees are not. Northeast Asian Decidous Forest Major Asian Forests The Northeast Asian Decidous Forest is lo-cated in parts of Korea, China, Russia, and Japan. The whole forest is at about 30° to 45° North latitude, and 130° to 145° East longitude. About 20-40 inches of rain fall every year. The central Korean forest is nearly 40,400 square miles, while the Manchurian mixed part is about 194,600 square miles, or twice the size of Wyoming. The Northeast China Plain deciduous forest covers 89,800 square miles. The forest's average yearly temperature is approximately 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Asian Forest Indicator Species Plants Pine trees Spruce Trees Mongolian Oaks Daurian birch Bamboo Asian ginseng Hazel Hawthorn Daurian Rose Walnut Animals Japanese Macqaw Red-crowned crane red panda Sika deer leopard Siberian tiger Otters the sable Gorals Asiatic black bears Europe European decidous temperate forests are almost gone. Much of hte forest is gone, turned into pastures, and agricultural fields The forests that remain are mostly royal hunting grounds. Major European Forests The Atlantic Mixed Forest Located on the western coast of Europe, this forest's annual temperature is at about 9° and 12° C from north to south. It's average annual precipitation is 70 to 100 cm. Bialowieza Forest This ancient forest is located in Poland. Dating back to 8000 B.C., this evergreen and broadleaf forest has many rare species, not found anywhere else in Europe. Bialowieza Forest is known for having some of the rarest species of animals in europe. It also has 26 tree species, and 138 species of shrubs. Central Europe
Forest Central Europe forest is located in Central Europe. It is about 100-300 feet above sea level, and it's average temperature is 7-9 degrees celsius. The winters are usually rainy The Average Rainfall is about 50-70 cm. European Indicator Species Plants f Oak Pines Peat Heather Wildflowers Spruce Ferns Lichen Shrubs Animals Deer Brown Bear Foxes Wild Cats Wolves Bison Badgers Martens Lynx Wolf Polecat Souslik Eagles Corncrate
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