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Peer Mediation

No description

Shelby Kukla

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Peer Mediation

Problem Solving Youth
to Youth Peer Mediation What is Peer Mediation? Students trained as conflict managers.
Applying problem solving strategies to help resolve conflicts amongst their peers in a matter satisfying to both parties. Why is Peer Mediation Effective? How to Make Peer Mediation Work Success with peer mediation is not automatic, and
can occasionally fail.
The program needs to be well planned and carried
out to have a positive effect on school climate
and conflict resolution. "Win-Win" resolution for both sides; devise solutions effective for both parties.
Reaching settlements for disagreements without violence.
Over time, changes the way students approach and settle conflicts; more willing to avoid fights and solve problems. (Reduces staff time spent on discipline.) Making Peer Mediation Work Planning What types of conflicts can student mediators address?
Where and when will mediation occur?
What students will be eligible to be mediators?
Devise a facilitator or school team responsible for planning and implementing mediation sessions. Making Peer Mediation Work Training Learn basic principles of mediation (Conflict can be positive and constructive, do not force agreement or solution.)
Taught communication and problem solving strategies (diffuse conflict)
Learn skills to help peers move from blame towards a mutual solution to conflict. Making Peer Mediation Work Ongoing Implementation Monitor success of mediators in using process and solving disputes.
How do mediators and their peers view mediation?
Provide ongoing training, ensure that mediators are effective.
All school staff need to support goals and processes of peer mediation. What types of problems are approached using peer mediation? Social media improprieties
Relationship difficulties/harassment
Rumor and gossip
Cheating and stealing
Racial and cultural confrontations
Classroom or extracurricular disputes
Bullying, minor assaults and fighting
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