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Ship a Chip

No description

Kevin Atterberg

on 29 September 2017

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Transcript of Ship a Chip

Ship A Chip:
The Process of The Engineering Design

We will
how engineers plan and design a product.
We will
what is involved with each step in the technology design process
We will
develop a model to test, modify and brainstorm to come up with a solution to solve a problem.
Defining the Problem:
You and your team of engineers have been given the challenge of designing the
of all the other engineering teams in your classroom.
shipped through the mail to another state and back. .

New Hampshire - 2,708 Round Trip
The Problem:
Steps you will need to follow:
Define the Problem
Do your Research
Design your solution
Build a Prototype
Test it
Evaluate your Solutions
(Might need to do this more than once)
Reseaching the Problem
Must Research:
Use the Websites and Videos to help you with your research.
Websites provided:
Through Canvas and Google Classroom
Edpuzzle Videos
Designing A
a. Write down anything you feel will help out your team
b. Write down anything you feel your fellow engineers could miss.
a. After researching you will need to provide 4 drawings
b. Make sure Label the materials used and the location

Things to Consider:
Qualitative Data
- Strength of container
- How will it survive
Quantitative Data
- Size
- Mass (Lightest Survivor Wins)
Your Research

Engineering Teams
1. Explain and Show your solutions.
2. Choose one of the solutions or use pieces of multiple solutions for your prototype.

Must Haves:
1. Your 4 individual drawing
2. Names for each of your engineers listed
3. A daily write-up
What each engineer did
Any data that was collected each day
4. Define the problem
5. List of Constraints and Trade-Offs
6. How you used the tests results.
7. Prediction on the shipment
Build Your Prototype to Test
- 8 Cotton Balls
- 2 Skewer Rods
- Tin Foil Square
12 in X 12 in
- Popsicle Sticks
4-Large & 4-Small

Material List:

Testing your Prototype:
The Test you must Perform:
Test #1:
Place a chip in your prototype drop from a height of 2 meters.
- Troubleshoot and Redesign

- These supplies will need to stay in the Caddies & Work Areas.
Glue Guns
Test #2
Place a chip into the other Prototype and Crush using the book drop .
- Troubleshoot and Redesign
What the Final Solution Needs On It:
1. The mass of the final package with chip inside.
2. Engineering Group Name

How are you Graded:
Individual Scoring:
64 Points Summative

Scientific Method
Distruction or Survival Score:
11 Points
Identify the Problem
Define Criteria nad Constraints
Design Plan/Model
Building a Prototype
Develop a test to gather data
Evaluate the model
Conclusion and Communication
Contribution to Group
75 Points Summative
Do not need to use all of the supplies. You will need to keep track.
- 4 Rubber Bands
2-#64 & 2-#32
- 1 Meter of String
- Masking Tape (25 cm)
- 1 Manila Folder
- 2 Pieces of Orange Paper

What you will find @ each work Station:
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