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The Domesday book!!!!!!!

for history

Jasmine Coldrick

on 8 February 2011

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Transcript of The Domesday book!!!!!!!

The Domesday Book What is the Domesday Book????? The Doomsday Book was a record of who owned what through out the kingdom. It was also a record of who owed what to the king, nobody could argue as it was all recorded in a book.This is why it is called the Doomsday Book because it brought doom and gloom to the people of England. The purpose of the Domesday Book was because many of the Norman Barons had begun to argue amongst themselves over what land they had been given by William the Conquerer, as a reward for helping him conquer England. William wanted to settle these arguments once and for all. So he created a survey which would later become known as the Domesday book. William had his closest and most trustworthy men to go and carry out the survey. They asked them about the manor the peasants lived in – how many ploughs there were and how many men, whether they had mills or fisheries even how much land, and what the land was worth in King Edwards time. The penalty for lying was sometimes death, depending on how bad the lie was.They were asked because William wanted to know how much he could tax people. This was because he needed money because invading England had cost him alot. So the more land somone had the more they were taxed. And this is what the peasants thought about it..... They didn't like it at all. But there was nothing they could do about it!! The Domesday book recorded over 13,000 places in England. The Great Domesday Book was written up by one scribe and checked by another, and the Little Doomsday Book was written by six scribes. The scribe(s) had to rule out every line before they started working and every letter had to by perfectly shaped and easy to read. When you see red lines through word it means the scribe was highlighting a word not crossing it out. The Great Doomsday Book was made from nine hundred sheep skins. These were soaked in a lime solution and scraped to remove the animal hairs. The skins were then stretched over a wooden frame and left to dry to make parchment. To write the book the scribe used a quill made from a goose feather. These quills had a tip that was broad and slanted. The ink that was used in the Doomsday book was made from oak gall. These are little brown growths on oak trees that are caused by insects or fungus. The ink would have dried black but over the years it has faded brown. The scribe also used red ink; this was made from red lead. The red ink was used for headings or to underline names or important pieces of information. The Domesday book was written in Latin beacause latin was used for government documents. It was also the language of the church. All church services were in Latin and bibles were also written in Latin. Since the scribe for the Doomsday Book was a churchman and it was made for the king’s government, it was written in.
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