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Concept mapping for UNMC

No description

Kristin Geist

on 23 June 2013

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Transcript of Concept mapping for UNMC

The students
College of Saint Mary Nursing students
Intermediate level in their OB/Pediatric rotation
Mostly, generation Y'ers and kinesthetic learners
They want hands on experiences.
Concept Mapping
A tool that allows information to be presented in a way that allows the learner to see relationships and link ideas.
"By drawing a picture of facts and the relationship one can visually comprehend the whole."
Encompasses many different learning styles
visual and spacial learners
artistic and creative ways of thinking
(Bradshaw & Lowenstein, 2011)
Utilized ATI remediation templates
Concept mapping with pictures to
help supplement their knowledge
and still have some hands on
Using pictures instead of words to
stimulate other areas of the brain
to remember the course material.
Picture Concept Mapping
Kristin Geist MSN, RN, CDE
Great job!
Kristin was very good with keeping the topic interesting to the student 
Thanks for the handouts and twizzlers
Great! I loved the use of visuals and pig lungs
Student Evaluation Comments
I didn’t like how question 2 was worded. I think it was slightly confusing. Most of them wanted to put causes of respiratory failure or shock and not risks for and question 1 was clearly too easy.
Overall, the teaching went well. I was not as comfortable as I usually am with my students. Some of the students were on their phones and not paying attention and I felt uncomfortable saying anything to them.
They really liked the twizzlers and pig lungs.
Respiratory 101 analysis
Name 2 common respiratory diseases treated at Children’s Hospital and Medical Center.
16/16 correct
Describe 2 risks a child has for respiratory failure or shock.
7/16 correct
What are signs of respiratory distress in a pediatric patient?
7/16 correct
What are signs of respiratory failure in a pediatric patient?
15/16 correct
Respiratory 101 Posttest
Respiratory 101 handout
Children’s teaching sheet on Bronchiolitis and Bulb suctioning
Hands on airway restriction with twizzlers
Hands on ventilating pig lungs
Respiratory 101 intervention
Name a respiratory disease treated at Children’s Hospital and Medical Center.
16/16 correct
Describe one risk a child has for respiratory failure or shock.
4/16 correct
What are signs of respiratory failure/shock in a pediatric patient?(select all that apply)
2/16 correct
Respiratory 101 Pretest
State common respiratory diseases treated at Children’s Hospital and Medical Center
Describe risks for respiratory failure or shock in a pediatric patient.
Identify signs of respiratory distress and failure in a pediatric patient.
Respiratory 101 Objectives
Kristin Geist BSN, RN, CDE
Teaching presentation
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