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Jona Oberski - Childhood


Anne-Marie Bitter

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of Jona Oberski - Childhood

Anne-Marie Biography Biography short summary characters:
I "figure"
trude movie loosely based on Childhood

"Vergeef je naaste ook als hij je haat. Kijk altijd omhoog naar de hemel." born in Amsterdam in 1938

he was two years old when he was deported to Westerbork

he witnessed his fathers death during the war

his mom died just after the end of the war due to insanity

Childhood is loosely based on his experiences

he became a well renowned physicist it wasn't untill the 70's that he got interested in literature

he followed a poetry seminar with Judith herzberg who inspired him to start writing

he published childhood in 1978 his only book about the second world war Motto:
gras, in een blauwe theepot,
apart, tussen het groeiend
uitbloeiend, doorlevend gras gezet.
Judith Herzberg
Uit: ‘Beemdgras en zachte dravik’ Look to the sky Jona Oberski
Childhood I introduction into his life

II transport to camps

III experiences in Bergen Belsen

IV liberation

V return to Amsterdam lentgh:
4 years
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