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Guinea Pig Digestive System

No description

Gabrielle Samuels

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Guinea Pig Digestive System

What time is it... FACTS TIME!
Guinea Pigs teeth are constantly growing, so they need to eat things that will constantly graze and grind their teeth to prevent over growth
Vegetables and fruits are awesome for them and their health
Look he made a hat...
(yes they're able to eat peppers every day)
The Terms
The Cecum-a pouch connected to the junction between the small and large intestine
Transverse Colon-the middle part of the large intestine
Descending Colon-the part of the large intestine that passes downward on the left side of the abdomen toward the rectum.
Rectum- The final part of the large intestine, terminating at the anus.
A Guinea Pig's digestive system is the same as a horse and a rabbit
Guinea Pig Digestive System
Eating the long pieces of hay helps their digestive system moving and healthy
Only buy hay that smells good and is green!(fresh is good, brown is not)
No Straw either, they'll refuse to eat it!
How there digestive system works
Guinea Pigs have a cecal fermenters digestive system. This means they have a large cecum allowing them to consume moderate levels of roughage.
The Other Ones..
There are other parts of the digestive system terms:
Right Ventral and Dorsal Colon
Left Dorsal and Ventral Colon
Pelvic Flexure
Ileum(the last section of the small intestines
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