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LEAD 2013: Path to Success

Presentation for LEAD: Engaging in data analysis for instructional planning and improvement.

cynthia woods

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of LEAD 2013: Path to Success

Cynthia Woods LEAD 2013: Path to Success Effective Leadership:
Engaging in data analysis for
instructional planning and
improvement Results: Data Analysis:
- Facilitated Data Chats
- Analyzed student data with administration and
- Established plans of action to differentiate
instruction and target individual students for
learning gains.
- Consulted with teachers on evaluating student
achievement data, planned instructional
activities aligned to students’ instructional
needs to increase student mastery As RtI case manager and support team member, analyzed data collected through the RtI process and recommended modifications, strategies, and interventions based on individual student needs. Name the polygon. What type of angles does it have? How many vertices does it have? How many lines of symmetry? 100% of classroom students being accepted in the
MS GEM math program Cynthia Woods
LEAD Presentation 2013 STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT Data, when used effectively, can increase student proficiency, and reduce and eliminate achievement gaps. As a result of my using data to:
* drive instruction
* provide and facilitate professional learning opportunities for staff
* collaborate on learning resources and strategies
* engage in personal professional growth opportunities *My school made an increase of 35% in math learning gains and the school raised their
letter grade from a “D” to a “C”. Established a weekly math challenge to develop and foster critical thinking skills and increase rigor and relevance in math and overhauled a monthly math challenge to increase students’ fluency and problem solving skills through competition Analyzed student data from district and state assessments to create secondary IFC’s, as well as identify students for math camps and support pull-out, established the curriculum and lesson focuses, and grouped students based on the Proficiency Watch List and ability Organized and monitored a school-wide incentive program to
encourage and motivate students to study and apply
themselves on classroom assessments Conducted a staff meeting detailing the new FCAT 2.0 cut scores and it’s relationship to our school’s data, and an instructional plan to increase rigor and relevance to ensure students’ academic success in all AYP subgroups In Addition... Arranged a faculty training in “The Framework for Understanding Poverty”, utilizing district trainers to provide understanding of and strategies to help diverse populations of students Facilitated staff professional learning opportunities in the following:
* Analyzing test item specs and content limits for effective instruction
and assessment
* Implementing differentiated/hands-on centers
* Journaling
* Using technology for intervention, review, and enrichment, creating
assessments and analyzing reports
* CCSS in mathematics, and the PARCC and SBAC assessments
* Math Practice Standards and Content Focus
* Higher order thinking questions and developing open-ended questions
* Creating and using rubrics and scales Middle School Level Initiated and conducted an Algebra camp, resulting in an increase in student performance from the Algebra Mid-Term exam to the EOC exam, ranking our school as one of the highest performing in Broward County Collaborated on before and after school tutoring for struggling students in math The above resulted in an increase of student achievement in the classroom and on FCAT, placing the school at 3rd in the state for combo schools An increase of 35% in math learning gains and the school raising their letter grade from a “D” to a “C”. Conducted informal CWT’s, monitored instructional rigor and relevance, student engagement, classroom management, differentiation and small group instruction, and provided feedback Supported teachers by modeling An increase of student achievement placing the school at 3rd in the state for combo schools
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