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Mood and Tone

Exploring the Author's Attitude and Reader's Feelings

Ryan Jones

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Mood and Tone

Tone Mood Style+Tone= Mood draws the reader/viewer in
and impacts the text based on author's word choice or diction Overall feeling or emotion created in the reader Style, Tone, and Mood reveals how the author feels about the subject Authors influence their readers’ moods through their choice of words and level of detail Style the way authors use words, phrases, sentences, and p.o.v. Specifically the author’s:
personal word choice/vocabulary (thin vs. emaciated)
sentence length (long vs. choppy)
p.o.v. from which the text is told (1st person = unreliable vs. Omniscient = reliable)
organization of the text (chronological vs. flashbacks) 2gether 4ever ** Tone?
How Author Feels
Word Choice
Imagery Mood?
How You Feel
Should Be a Result of Author's Tone Tone? Mood? http://www.cteonline.org/portal/default/Curriculum/Viewer/Curriculum?action=2&cmobjid=270779&view=viewer&refcmobjid=260683 Tone? Mood?
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