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la celula como "maquinaria viva"...

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Katherin Ordoñez Lopez

on 7 November 2014

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Transcript of la celula como "maquinaria viva"...

la célula como "maquinaria viva"

-Viviana katherin ordoñez

- 9-2
la célula como "maquinaria viva"...
tejido adiposo
tejido epitelial
tejido sanguíneo
tejido muscular
tejido nervioso
tejido oseo
Que son los tejidos?
Son un conjunto de celulas de forma similar, que cumplen una funcion especifica...
son los orgánulos celulares que en los organismos eucariontes foto sintetizadores se ocupan de la fotosíntesis..
Glóbulos, plaquetas...
Organismos pluricelulares...
The complexity of multicellular organisms is based on the different
levels of the organization with his body. You know there
macromolecules forming the cell. Well, the grouping
cells form tissues, which are organized to give these bodies and,
turn forming body systems

Bodies correspond to a set of fabrics that meet functions
specific for a global and complex task. generally
organisms perform specialized tasks and therefore should have a
group of different tissues that work in coordination.

Multicellular organisms are characterized by being made of a
large numbers of cells to perform their functions should "work
Specialized mind ".In multicellular organisms, cells are grouped resulting in the Tissue.
We can say, then, that there is a real bodies" division of labor
"in which each tissue plays a particular task
to keep the body alive and healthy.

That fabric perform their specific functions, depends on several
factors. For example, leaf tissue aquatic plant
lower photograph, called elodea, is specialized to perform a
of the main processes of the plant cell, photosynthesis. this is
It evidenced by the large number of chloroplasts is within your
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