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Art director

No description


on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of Art director

Art director
• Advertising companies.
• Book and magazine publishers.
• Design companies.
• They work in offices, but can work very long hours to meet deadlines.
Artwork and photographs.
• Photo and design software on the computer.
• They work with advertising managers and writers, book and magazine publishers, photographers, graphic designers, and sales managers.

• Bachelor's degree in art, design, or art education
• Usually starts off as designer or artist/photographer and earns the position of Art Director.
School Subjects
• Writing
• Reading
• Computers
• Advertising Design
• Marketing
Art directors make decisions about art and pictures that are put into a magazine,newspaper,websites,or in advertisement.They are in charge of how everything is laid out.
by sam

• Plan how to lay out the artwork.
• Make up advertising plan.
• Decide which photographs or art will be used and where it will go.
• In charge of designers, photographers, and sometimes artists.

Archivists and Curators
Commercial and Industrial Designers
Fashion Designers
Graphic Designers

similar jo
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