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Just eat.ie

No description

Emma Magill

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Just eat.ie

Just eat

Justeat.ie is the Irish branch of the global online takeaway ordering service.

It operates in 13 countries worldwide

Established in Denmark

Based solely online via their website, with an additional app
Justeat.ie's main digital marketing service is provided through their website.
Easy to use and follows a 3 step process.
Offers a wide variety of fast food take aways, ranging from Chinese cuisine to gluten free.
They regularly offer discount codes and run competitions through their website.
Justeat.ie's Facebook page has 86,225 likes.
Brand Promotion
Links to other social media sites
Promote different restaurants and cuisines
Interaction with consumers by running regular competitions
Also provides information on different promotions and discounts etc.
Marks special occasions, eg. Mother's Day
11,800 Twitter followers
Direct communication channel between consumers and the company
Promotional codes and offers
First ordering company offering an app
The app is free
Quick and user friendly
Offers the same services that are available on their main website
104 subscribers
Different Justeat ads and promotions of other restaurants

238 people have Justeat in their circle.
Links to their other social media sites
Informative and nutritional information
Traffic to this site is not as high

Up to date with current industry trends
Promotions and competitions
Incorporates their other social media sites

The Perceptual Process
Consumer Phsychologist, available online at: http://www.consumerpsychologist.com/cb_Learning_and_Memory.html

Psychology Today, available online at: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/inside-the-consumer-mind/201210/how-memories-experience-influence-behavior

Ratnayake, N., Broderick, A. J., & Mitchell, R. L. (2010). A neurocognitive approach to brand memory. Journal of Marketing Management, 1295-1318.

Sawyer, A. G., Hayoen, N., & Janiszewski, C. (2001). The Spacing Effects of Multiple Exposures on Memory: Implication for Advertiing. Journal of Advertising Research, 193-197.

Schiffman, L. G., Hansen, H., & Kanuk, L. L. (2008). Consumer Behaviour: A European Outlook. Pearson Education.

Solomon, M. R. (2010). Consumer Behaviour: A European Perpective. New York: Prentice Hall.

Tyagi, C., & Kumar, A. (2004). Consumer Behaviour. Atlantic Publishers.

Perception and Sensation

Sensation is the response of our sensory receptors to stimuli e.g light, sound etc.
How these sensations are selected, organized and understood or interpreted is called perception
Refers to the degree in which people notice stimuli or are exposed to stimuli. (Solomon (2010), Tyagi & Kumar (2004), Schiffman, Hansen, & Kanuk, (2008))
Attention Stage:
During this stage, any information deemed important enough to process is processed. (Tyagi & Kumar (2004), Schiffman, Hansen, & Kanuk (2008))

Interpretation or Comprehension Stage:
This stage often uses memories to interpret the information garnered from the previous stages to form associations and perceptions.
Justet.ie and the Perceptual Process
Exposure and stimuli: Mostly Visual in Nature

Logo evident throughout their digital marketing campaign
Logo Red = appetite stimulant
Quirky eye catching animations
User friendly ordering tools in center of the screen
Niamh Beirne
Tracey Gaynor
Emma Magill
Niamh Maguire
Orla Mahon
Ray Moore
Laura O'Toole

Justeat.ie ensure that their brand is committed to consumers' long-term memories with the use of their many up-to-date social media sited, emails and the display of the logo.
Dilemma: How to transfer a brand to consumer's long-term memory?
Conclusions and Recommendations for Justeat.ie
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