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Beowulf Apparel

By: Jessica Huffman Bethany Woodby Josh Nash

Jessica Huffman

on 22 September 2009

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Transcript of Beowulf Apparel

Beowulf Apparel By: Jessica Huffman
Bethany Woodby
Josh Nash 11th to 13th Century Clothing The clothing was based on social status. Royalty
Clothing focused on the sleeves of the garment.
Crown inbeaded with jewels.
Leather shoes
Dress made from the best fabrics.
Wore surcoats
Coats of arms
Armor Shirts, Tunics and Dresses...OH MY

Made from fine silks and wool

Spinned the wool from sheep and the silk came from the trading. Shoes
From the fine leathers
Curved up at the toe Fun Facts
Wedding Dress - Peasants trying to be like the Royalty.
First pants by Germans Sources
http://palos118.org/South/curriculum/team6c/midages/clothes/index.html Men
Stockings Women
Head dress Head Wear
Everyone wore a hat
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