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Summer Conferences 2015

No description

Braylon Junior

on 26 January 2015

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Transcript of Summer Conferences 2015

Summer Conferences 2015
CREATED BY: Conference Coordinators
Destination University of Arkansas
The Application
The Application is currently Live!

To acces the application go to Jobs.Uark.edu and proceede to the 2015 Conference Assistant listing.

For the application you will need...
a resume

The application will close February 27th!
What's a CA?
Conference Assistants are a combination of RDA and RA roles. CAs work the front desk of buildings that are occupied similar to RDAs but are on duty for the buildings that occupied, similar to an RA
What's in it for you?
Summer Duty
Customer service is how summer conferneces survives. We make it our mission to provide excellent customer serivce so camps will come back.
Fond memories
Ropes Couse
memories of the course. Maybe pictures?
Returners will need to make a presentation for their individual interview. Your interview will begin once you have concluded your presentation.
Customer Service
Desk duties
providing customer service to all who come to the dront desk
act as the conduit of informtion
answering the phone if someone calls the desk.
Individual Interviews
Indiviual Interviews will take place March 9th-March 13th.
Attire for these interviews are busienss casual to business professional.
Please arrive 10 minutes early for your interview.
Individual interviews will be scheduled based on your availability
Individual interviews will take place at the Housing Administration office.
Group Interviews
Date and Time
The group interviews will be on march 6th-7th in maple room #. Times will be given out according to the groups you are placed in prior to that weekend.
The Interview
The group Interview will consist of group activites that our team has decided on to see how well candidates work in groups.

These activities will consist of problem solving and grou thinking excrsizes so come prepared to meet people.
CAs check the buildings to make sure everything is safe for the campers.
We check bathrooms, studyrooms, laudry rooms, etc
The duty phone
If a camp using a building, it's considered online.
all online buildings must be checked
fortunately, whoever is on duty gets to drive the go cart on rounds.

The duty phone is there for campers and other CAs to get ahold of the duty pair for things like lock-outs or if a building is flooding. IT HAPPENS.
Braylon Junior
Dahranesha Moss
Jalen Smith
Marsha Kim Huh
The group activites will require you to move around. The suggested clothing is as follows:
Pants/no skirts or dresses
comfortable shoes
no gym shorts or graphic T-shirts
Professional development
$9 an hour
potential job next summer



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