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Getting Social: The BU SMG Alumni Platform

SMO strategies in use by the BU SMG

sarah murray

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Getting Social: The BU SMG Alumni Platform

SMG Uses of
Social Media Information
Dissemination Social Media vs.
Social Networking Community Platform Boston University Social Media Strategy to reach alumni 2-way Engagement: Staff & Constituents Engagement between alumni 1. community Platform
2. Information Dissemination
3. Conversation
4. General Presence BU SMG "owned" & promoted group
Photos posted by alumni and BU SMG
Tagging notifies other alumni
Centered around BU SMG event (e.g., reunions)
Volunteer driven (90+ SMG FB groups) Self-Identifying as "BU SMG" Twitter Lists Events Student /Alumni Accomplishments
BU SMG in the News
Announcements (Nominations Open, etc.) News "When it comes to Facebook and Twitter, engagement is different from spamming, and integration is different from oversaturation." - Kevin Barenblat, iMedia Connection SMG Centennial SMG Centennial and Alumni Volunteer Opportunities 2 staff | 45,000 alumni
22,500 alumni per staff member
50% have valid e-mail addresses
Engagement Visible to External Audience
Information Updates from Alumni
Customer Service Conversation Facebook Groups / Pages Social MEDIA is a way to transmit, or share information with a broad audience. It is a system that disseminates a message. Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn are the social media tools used by School of Management Guiding Principles Here are some general guiding principles:
1. Social networking should be a two way discussion - not us pushing out content only. Encourage discourse with AR and with each other.
2. Listen to people, respond and improve engagement over time. Learn their interests and customize your message accordingly.
3. Develop alumni social ambassadors who will lead and moderate discussions/sites. It empowers the alumnus, gives them a tangiable, satisfying engagement and builds credible interest with other alums.
4. A sustained presence in social channels develops credibility and trust.
5 . An integrated online presence is key to the successful delivery of messages.
5.Diversify. Any online network could disappear tomorrow. Social MEDIA
= Tool Social NETWORKING
= Engagement Social Media are the tools while Social Networking is the act of engagement Social NETWORKING is what you do on the social media sites. Groups of people with common interests, or like-minds, associate together on these sites and build relationships through community. Communication is two-way. As of January 2013, we have 75+ SMG Facebook groups most of which are not regularly active plus 100's more BU groups - Where does an alumni go? How do they pick? Cross-promote on SMG social media channels content sharing Promotion / Registration
Recaps / Photos
Alumni Re-Tweets Misc. BU SMG Trivia / Contests
Cross-promote BU, SMG and Alumni happenings
Interesting BU SMG Blogs / Articles
Alumni Re-Tweets Know your audience
Be responsive – speed counts (Monitor!!! Respond!!!)
Clear means of accessibility (Be obvious in your branding)
Map out processes ahead of time (How do they all work together?)
Know (and communicate) the necessary commitment
Ask your community for ideas/feedback
Always check communities for spam (Monitor!!! Respond!!!)
Diversify - don't put all your eggs in one social basket. Key Takeaways Create social media campaigns and content that will inspire/encourage SMG alumni to post video greetings or get involved! How We Need Your Help Other Ideas Try launching a new initiative, program, or news story on Facebook or LinkedIn first. Build the excitement. Give your fans something special. BU SMG Twitter Page SMG LinkedIn Alumni Page Create a social media campaign that inspires alumni to get involved in one of the volunteer opportunities cited here:
http://management.bu.edu/alumni/get-involved/volunteer/ University Structure BU has 300,000+ alumni
Central Alumni Relations manages relationships for all schools, except for 5 (including SMG, MED, Dental, LAW, ENG) SMG Alumni Relations' Goals Engage alumni through interesting and industry-based content
Develop alumni-student mentoring program
Manage Centennial planning, including student celebrations, alumni content, faculty programming, distinguished speaker series, and SMG community opportunities How we use social media to accomplish alumni objectives and goals Alert and educate alumni about events
Share alumni news and accomplishments
Communicate exciting changes at the School to encourage alumni to get involved What we would like to see from social media in the future Encourage alumni-to-alumni and alumni submitted content
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