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Law as a business Resource 2

No description

Olivier Soliveres

on 20 February 2017

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Transcript of Law as a business Resource 2

Domestic Norms (domestic = national)

Our society works on the basis of "Sacred Texts". Not the Bible, but the CONSTITUTION. A text that compiles laws for civilians.

The current constitution is from oct 8 1958.
Act adopted by the parliment
The Law
Treaties are agreements that put in place by multiple national actors.
International Treaties
Hammer of Justice
Act adopted by the Government- Executive Power
Law as a business Resource 2
The return of moustashiva
A wild meme appears
Of course, things get a lil fuzzy at some point. This is it.

You see, norms have different values: Some norms are superior to others. It is therefore important to remember this hierarchy.
Ze Problem
Different Types of Control
Another wild meme
Prior Control

International Treaties


Domestic Regulations
The New Hierarchy
• Preamble of the constitution 1958
• Declaration des droits de l’homme et du citoyen 1789
• Preable of the previous constitution from 1946
• Environment chapter
• Fundamental principles contained by the laws of the republic

All have
the same

Bunch of people that vote stuff to piss off people and settle disputes.
Constitution > Law
Any law must be consistent with the constitution
... because reasons...
B4 the law is voted, the
conseil constitutionel
can declare a provision, contrary to the constitution. Then, it can't be enacted or applied

BEFORE, not B4.
We speak english, not f*cking bingo
Post Control
Only during a Trial, any party can contest a law by appealing before the
court de cassation
Example: European Union Norms which include:

EU Regulations
EU Directives
BUT, all treaties must be consistent with the constitution. This is applicable to both treaties & EU norms.
*My sincerest apologies if your parent is a member of the parliment. I mean no disrespect.
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