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Vietnam war

No description

andreana sandi

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of Vietnam war

Gulf of Tonkin Resolution:
Operation rolling thunder: The ground troops were ordered out of Vietnam while air force bombed

Major events
There were people against the war to begin with. However, the president went ahead and started the war. Later on, many people protested the war. The Vietnam war results looked dismal and the war caused economic disorder. Those that were sent to the war often came back with post dramatic syndrome. The Vietcong used gorilla war fair to fight the American army. The Americans had huge difficulty with fighting the Vietcong tactics. It wasn't till later on that the president started the Vietnamization.
By: Andreana Sandi
The vietnamese war sparked a lot of controversy with the American people. I personally believe that the war could've been avoided especially because it appears as though America didn't reap any rewards from the war.

Values and
America went into the war although some were skeptical. Although there were many that were skeptical about the war. As time progressed and the war raged on, more people began to feel that the war was morally wrong. The Vietcong use of guerrilla war fair made fighting more difficult than America was expecting. The war took a huge toll on the American morality as well as economy all in the name of containment of the Soviet's reign.
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