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AP World HDI Prezi 4/19/10

HDI of Afghanistan

Josh Dotterer

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of AP World HDI Prezi 4/19/10

Afghanistan HDI: 0.352 Education Literacy rate of entire population: 34% Literacy of women is only 10% 700 schools have been closed due to lack of security 80% of females and 50% of males lack access to education centers Health Afghanistan has the highest infant mortality rate in the world. 257 deaths per 1000 births. Or. 25.7% 70% of all people lack access to clean water 80,000 Afghans have lost limbs, due mainly to landmines Population 28,150,000 as of 2009 $450 per capita 99% Muslim Of that, 80% Sunni, 19% Shi'a, and 1% other. There is supposedly only 1 Jewish man left in the country. Zablon Simintov. According to the HDI, Afghanistan is the 2nd least developed country in the world Of those 28,150,000... Oh, and. Which... First off, And the... Now on to... Which leads us to... Back to... By: Josh Dotterer Niger is the least developed country in the world. Located in West Africa.
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