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Inkheart by Cornelia Funke (completed)

Sara Goodrich

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Inkheart

Meggie: 12 years old.
Mo, Mortimer, Silvertongue: the father of Meggie. He rebinds books and can read objects out of books but it must be replaced.
Dustfinger: A former book character of Inkheart and is a "fire-eater"
Gwin: Dustfinger's marten with horns
Elinor: Meggie's aunt who hoards books
Capricorn: A former book character of Inkheart
Basta: A former book character of Inkheart; one of Capricorn's men
Mortola: A former book character of Inkheart; also Capricorn's mother
Farid: read out of The Thousand and One Nights and tags behind Dustfinger
Fenoglio: The author of Inkheart
Darius: Another "reader" that's held as a prisoner by Capricorn
Flatnose & Cockerell: Capricorn's men who came from Inkheart
Resa, Teresa: A servant of Capricorn that was read out of Inkheart; she can't speak because Darius stuttered when he reads due to fear.
Black Jackets: Capricorn's men
story elements
At times the mood is curiosity and determination but fear or anxiety are the most common.
The tone is suspenseful.
Europe, mainly Italy, is the setting of Inkheart.
The book is written in third person, omniscient.
Inkheart has multiple themes, two of them being "Life can take what it wants so hold on tight to what's important before it's lost," or "With great power comes great responsibility."
The conflict is man vs. man, man vs. nature, and man vs. self.

Cornelia Funke
Published 2003 by
Chicken House.

Plot Diagram
One night, Mo accidentally reads Capricorn, Basta, Dustfinger and his marten out of Inkheart and his wife and two cats replace them. Nine years later, Meggie and her father are found by the characters of Inkheart. Capricorn holds him captive because he wants "Silvertongue" to read riches from books and an old friend of his, called the Shadow. The two must find a way to destroy the man and save Meggie's mom.
Dustfinger comes to Mortimer's house to tell him news of Capricorn. Afraid that his wife would be lost for ever if the book was in Capricorn's hands, he took his daughter and Dustfinger to hide it at Elinor's house. She's a book hoarder so keeping it hidden would be easy. Since Dustfinger wants to return to the pages of Inkheart, he gave away Silvertongue to Capricorn. His men then take Mo and the wrong book due to the fact that none of them could read. Eventually Meggie convinces Elinor to help her find her father, willing to trade the book for him.
Capricorn basically takes the book from the two and locks them in a cow shed with Mo. Dustfinger, down from Capricorn's lie to help him get home, helps the three escape but not before Silvertongue reads aloud once to the evil ruler of Inkheart. A young boy called Farid pops from the book, The Thousand and One nights. Once they leave the village, Mo and Meggie visit the author of Inkheart, Fenoglio, asking if he had a spare copy. Mo was called to help Elinor with the loss of her library. During this, Basta captures the girl and the author to use them as bait.
While being held captive, Meggie and Fenoglio learn a way to destroy Capricorn. Meggie discovered that she was a "reader" and that Fenoglio can write a page or two to read someone into. Dustfinger is caught by the Black Jackets and Mo, Elinor, and Farid try to save Meggie. The night that Meggie must read the Shadow from the last copy of Inkheart, they burn down Capricorn's house as the girl reads aloud a new chapter of the Shadow that the author wrote. Capricorn dies and the Black Jackets disappear. The Shadow transforms into all the creatures that created him. Meggie gets her mother back and Elinor takes back all the Inkheart creatures. With the last copy, Dustfinger and Farid try to find someone who will read him and his marten back.
Dustfinger shows up at Meggie's front door.
Mo and Meggie are captives of Capricorn and they escape.
Meggie and Fenoglio found a way to destroy Capricorn.
Since he betrayed Capricorn, Dustfinger is going to have an execution with Resa. Meggie learns that Darius read her mother out of the book. Capricorn and the Shadow dies.
Meggie and her father are reunited with her mom.
All the creatures go and live with Elinor. Dustfinger and Farid go to find another "reader" so he can go home.
I recommend this book to all the bookworms because it's a book about a book and there's that book hoarder in it. Also, there's a passage at the beginning of every chapter so you basically read one book and a bit of 50 others.
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