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Prep. 29: Starch Glycerites Post Laboratory

No description

Gerard Gomez

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Prep. 29: Starch Glycerites Post Laboratory

Prep. no. 29: Starch Glycerites FORMULA: Thank You! For Listening, Watching and Participating
Materials: Post-Laboratory Objective: to prepare starch glycerites Starch ...................... 100g
Benzoic Acid ............ 2g
Purified Water ...... 100ml
Glycerin qs ad ....... 1000g Compounding Procedures: 1. Weigh and measure the ingredients accurately. 4. Heat the mixture on a sand bath. Preparation 29
Starch Glycerites Synonym/s: Starch Glycerin; Simple Glycerites
Use of Preparation: Emollient Method of Preparation used: Solution with Heat 2. Mix thoroughly starch and benzoic acid with purified
water in a porcelain dish. 3. Add enough glycerin to make the desired volume and mix well. 5. Strain through muslin cloth. 6. Place in appropriate container. 7. Label the product. Prep. 29 30mL Specialized Equipment: Hot plate, Sand Bath, Mettler Balance Appropriate Container of the Preparation: Wide-mouth amber bottle Description of Finished Product: Yellowish semisolid jelly-like preparation Storage Condition: Store in a cool dry place What are Glycerites? Glycerites are solutions or mixtures of medicinal substances in not less than 50% by weight of glycerin. Answer to questions: What is the reason for using
sand bath in heating? How are glycerites applied? Starch Glycerites Starch 3g
Benzoic Acid 0.6g
Purified Water 3mL
Glycerin qs ad 30mL Date Prepared:
Expiry Date:
Storage Condition: 9-24-2012
10-24-2012 Store in a cool place Prepared by: Gomez, Gerard Reno Maria S.P.
Umipig, Rethel Dawn E. Group no. : 5 & 12 BSPharmacy-2G Use/s: Emollient CEU LABORATORIES MANILA Ola Mendiola Gora
Pharmaceutika! Prepared by: Gomez, Gerard Reno Maria S.P.
Umipig, Rethel Dawn E. BSPharmacy-2G "In order for us to SUCEED, we must need first to IMPROVE. for us to improve, we must first PRACTICE, for us to practice, we must first LEARN, and in order for us to LEARN, we we must FAIL"
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