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Salem Witch Trials and the First Great Awakening

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Matt Baker

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of Salem Witch Trials and the First Great Awakening

First Great Awakening
Read the article on the First Great Awakening. We will have a share out.
Materials and Objectives
- Binder
- Pen/Pencil
- Salem Witch Trials/First Great Awakening Sheet
- Lined sheet of paper
Salem Witch Trials
Read the article on the Salem Witch Trials and answer the questions.

We will have a share out afterwards.
Salem Witch Trials and the First Great Awakening
African Slave Trade PowerPoint
Let's go through the African Slave Trade.
On a lined sheet of paper answer the following question:

What differences in the two societies would foster the different religious movements?

Give 2 reasons.
I can assess the religious movements of Colonial America
Add the following to your binder table of contents:

Page 19: African Slave Trade Notes
Page 20: African Slave Trade Notes

Read the feedback on your DBQ Essay
GO Broncos.
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