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Qantas Airlines

No description

Alayna Rigo

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Qantas Airlines

Individual Contribution Alayna Rigo

Madison Larson Executive Summary Table Of Contents By creating the proper alliances and exploiting the Asian market, Qantas Air has pioneered the road to success within the airlines business. They have maintained a good reputation by putting the customer first. It is essential that they continue their efforts to promote safety, globalize and lead the market in innovations. SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Marketing Mix Service Place Price Promotion Innovative
Brand Loyalty & Recognition
Strategic Alliances
Domestic market share Company Overview What does this mean for Qantas? Bibliography I. Introduction
II. Executive Summary
III. Company Overview
IV. SWOT Analysis
a. Strengths
b. Weaknesses
c. Opportunities
d. Threats
V. Marketing Mix
a. Product
b. Price
c. Promotion
d. Place
VI. Summary
VII. Future
VIII. Bibliography "You're the reason we fly." Founded in 1920
Australia's largest domestic and international airline
One of the strongest brands in Australia
Reputation for excellence in safety, operational reliability, engineering and maintenance, and customer service Future Cross cultural advertising and marketing
Inconsistent Annual Revenues
International market share Expansion into Asian countries and other emerging economies.
Improve cultural awareness for marketing
Increase market share
“ Asia-Pacific is already the fastest growing and most profitable aviation market” -Alan Joyce CEO Competitors
Rate of Innovation
Cultural Misunderstandings
Discounting Fares
Low Cost Carrier
Strategic Alliance Fares Advertising
Celebrity Ambassadors
Logo Where are they now? Asian Markets
New foreign routes Increasing direct routes to Europe and Asian countries
Frequent Flyer Rewards Program
Restoration of aircrafts to modernize
International Economy upgrades Increase Market share due to alliances
Asian-Pacific Strategy
Increase Brand Value
Further expansion of routes Star Alliance Wassener, Bettina. “Qantas in a Venture to Improve International Reach”. New York Times. September 6, 2012. Web. April 18 2013.
Siegel, Matt. “Accusations Fly as Qantas Planes Return to the Skies” New York Times. October 31, 2011. Web. April 19, 2013.
Flickling, David and Elisabeth Behrmann. “Qantas Europe Sales up 6 Fold as Emerites Alliance Takes Off”. March 31, 2013. Web. April 18, 2013.
Qantas Airways Limited. 2013. Web April 20 2013.
Kelly, Ross. “Qantas Airways Considers New Routes”. The Wall Street Journal. February 3 2013. Web. April 20 2013.
Hoyer, Melissa. “Qantas Reveals new flight Attendant uniform”. News Australia. April 16 2013. Web. April 20 2013.
Wasssener, Bettina. “Qantas in China Venture for Budget Airline” New York Times. March 25 2012. Web. April 17 2013.
Park, Kyunghee and Hasinda Amin. “Qantas Sees Asia Demand Filling Extra Singapore Capacity”. Bloomberg. April 11 2013. Web. April 17 2013.
Terpstra, Vern, James Foley, and Ravi Sarathy. International Marketing. 10th ed. N.p.: Naper Group LLC, 2012. Print.
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