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The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm

No description

Rhiannon Briggs

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm

General Matsika
General Matsika is Tendai, Rita, and Kuda's father, and he loves them very much, although he is ashamed of how over-protective he is. He is also one of the most feared people in Zimbabwe because he is an army general that has gotten rid of many gangs. His totem is a lion.
Mrs. Matsika
Mrs. Matsika is the mother of Rita, Kuda, and Tendai and the wife of General Matsika. She is easy-going, gentle, loving, and caring. She loves her children very much and couldn't bear it while they were away. Her totem is the heart.
Tendai is the main character. He is Rita and Kuda's older brother and the son of General Matsika. He is responsible, smart, good at telling stories, and owns a ndoro, a powerful amulet that has a spirit in it.
Kuda is Tendai and Rita's younger brother. He is brave and good at fighting. He is friends with Trashman and is the only one able to speak to him.
Rita is Tendai's younger sister and Kuda's older sister. She is good at math, has an attitude, and always says what is sure to start an argument.
The Mellower
The Mellower lives with the Matsikas. Tendai trusts him like a third parent, and the Mellower loves Tendai, Rita, and Kuda like they are his own. He was in an awful state of distress when the children were gone and missed them very much.
She Elephant
The She Elephant kidnaps Tendai, Rita , and Kuda to take to Dead Man's Vlei where she forces them to work with the vlei people mining plastic. She is a good cook whose specialty is spagghetti and she brews extremely strong alcohol, kichasu, for a pub. Tendai, Kuda, and especially Rita dislike her.
(Doesn't hate or trust)
Ear, Eye, and Arm
The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm Character Relations Project
By Rhiannon Briggs
Ear, Eye, and Arm are three courageous detectives with mutations. Ear had huge ears and amazing hearing. Eye had huge, buggy, amazingly powerful eyes. Arm had long, skinny limbs, was super-sensitive, and got hunches. They feared General Matsika and never gave up in the search for the children.
He was dubbed "Trashman" by the vlei people and "Chedu" by the people in Resthaven. He speaks what Tendai calls "Trashman talk," a babbling language that no one but Kuda, Chedu's best friend, can understand. He rescued Rita, Kuda, and Tendai from Dead Man's vlei, brought them to Resthaven, and will always be their friend.
Granny is Knife's grandma. She enjoys criticizing other people. Granny lives in Dead Man's Vlei and lets the children escape without raising the alarm. She gets along well with Rita and loves Trashman.
Myanda is an ex-member of a robocycle gang that General Matsika broke up. He told her about Resthaven, and she journeyed there to live a historic life in their society. She ended up loving life in Resthaven. She helps Tendai and his siblings and they consider her a friend.
Beryl Horsepool-Worthinghton is the Mellower's mother. She is an animal lover who wishes she was rich. Tendai, Rita, and Kuda trust (not like, trust) her at first but soon realize that she is a liar. She is greedy and kidnaps the children, then asked her son to Praise the Matsika parents into offering a reward. Her plan does not work, though.
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