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Stale Bread: Cost- Your Life

No description

Amanda Alberts

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Stale Bread: Cost- Your Life

Stale Bread: Cost- Your Life ~Food During World War One~ 3, 240, 948 Britain » France & Belgium By: Amanda Alberts yum... Harry Patch in 2007 109 years old at this time Last surviving soldier from the trenches Harry Patch, a British soldier, reported, "Our rations - you were lucky if you got some bully beef and a biscuit. You couldn't get your teeth into it. Sometimes if they shelled the supply lines you didn't get anything for days on end. There were five in a machine-gun team, and everything we had was shared amongst us. I used to get a parcel from home. My mother knew the grocer pretty well." Died last year, July 25th 2009, at age 111. Bully Beef, canned corned beef. + = What a meal!
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