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No description

Rachel Womble

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Loki

King of Asgard, Odin, adopted a baby named Loki to bring peace between two races. Loki was born as a frost giant but grew up as a normal Asgardian.
Doomed for Failure
God of Mischief and Destruction

Growing up, Loki always fought for his fathers approval. Thor always was favored over Loki.
Loki was jealous, insecure, and vengeful of Thor.
is Flawed
Though Loki was flawed, he showed potential to be a hero. Loki is most often misread. Loki was smart, passionate, and powerful

Loki shows a silver lining
Loki found himself stuck in a distraught state when he learned about his adoption. His anger escalated when he learned that he was only taken as a peace treaty.
Loki's Downfall
After Loki learns that he was meant to be a frost giant, he starts to show some acceptance of his fate. Though he still pushed for his father's approval, he started doing things his own way. He started with sentencing Thor to permanent exile.
Loki's lives out his fate
This scene shows that Loki had good intentions, but made poor choices. Loki spent his life dedicated to making his father proud. In the end, he realized that his father could never be proud of him because of the choices he made.
We now know that Loki lived and returned in the Avengers.
The End of Loki
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