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Transfer Orientation Presentation

No description

Shelby Barrier

on 20 August 2016

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Transcript of Transfer Orientation Presentation

Your First Semester
As soon as you have 30 completed hours take:
C I 2300
Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age

FDN 2400
Critical Perspectives on Teaching and Learning

You can OFFICIALLY declare your major if you have :
30 or more earned hours
credit for RC 1000 and UCO 1200
a 2.0 cumulative GPA (unless you are a transfer student coming in with 30 hours or more)
Transfer students usually declare at Orientation.
Early College students usually declare after their first semester.
First Semester
Make a 2-3-4 year plan
Map out a plan of the classes you will need to take to graduate on time
Your adviser is here to help, but ultimately it is your responsibility to keep track of everything!
If you need help with this, you can email Jan Stanley at stanleyjp@appstate.edu and schedule an appointment.
Your First Year
(unless you are exempt!)
Be sure to study first!
Apply to Teacher Education
Complete RC 1000 (with a C or higher)
Complete CI 2300 and FDN 2400 (with a C or higher)
Pass/exempt Praxis Core
Pass Criminal Background check
Minimum of 2.7 GPA
Minimum of 45 credit hours (12 here at Appalachian)
Complete application on Appalnet
Junior Year (or after 75 hours)
Request/review your graduation check/audit
Apply for Student Teaching
Block I for Elementary, Middle Grades, and Special Education majors
Senior Year
Apply for International Student Teaching (optional)
Complete Block II & Methods classes
Student Teaching
Apply to Graduate and for Teacher Licensure
Take the appropriate test:
Most of you will take the Praxis II Test in your subject/grade level
Elementary Ed majors will take the new NES tests (Foundations of Reading and General Curriculum)
Special Ed majors will take the Praxis II and NES Tests
Field Experiences
Get Involved
We are here to help!
You will start working with students in PSY 3010
Psychology Applied to Teaching
and SPE 3300
Creating Inclusive Learning Communities
You must pass a criminal background check in order to work in any school system. If you are concerned about your background check, talk to someone!

There are over 300 different clubs at Appalachian!

There are many different clubs for education majors:
Appalachian Educators (August 24 @5:30pm)
Appalachian Educators for Social Justice
CMLA (College Middle Level Association)
PTMA (Prospective Teachers of Mathematics Association)
Autism Speaks U
Highlands Association of Child Development and Advocacy
Student Council for Exceptional Children
Student North Carolina Association of Educators
And many more!
Check out Club Expo during Monday, August 15.
Things to keep in mind...
Start thinking like a professional now
There will be background checks every six months
Be smart with social media
Almost everyone in college needs help at some point. There are so many resources available:
Writing lab
Academic advisers
RAP - Research Advisory Program
Counseling center
Health services
Many, many more!
James Center for Appalachian Educators
Suite 506
Reich College of Education
Jan Stanley

Megan Kasper
Assistant Director for Student Involvement and Success
Check out jamescenter.appstate.edu
Take the Praxis Core Test
Welcome Transfer Students!
Are any of you in the
Transfer Educators RLC?

You any of you interested in a mentor in your major who you could contact for advice?

And just when you thought you were finished with applications...

Teacher Education Timeline

1. Acceptance to Appalachian (done that!)
2. Declare your major, be assigned an adviser in your dept (after 30 hours)
3. Apply for Admission to Teacher Education Program
(once you have 45 hours, including 12 hours at App)
4. Apply to Student Teach (one year in advance)
5. Apply for Graduation and Teacher Licensure (senior year)

Before you leave...
Do you have any questions about this afternoon's schedule or questions about the Teacher Ed program?

Be sure you initialed our sign-in sheet.

Welcome to Appalachian !
In this session we will talk about...
Opportunities for you in the Reich College of Education
An overview of our Teacher Education Program
Appalachian began as a Teachers College in 1899
Our state needs you!
Advice from my son Lee:

1. Police in Boone are bored...don't be stupid with alcohol, especially if you are underage!

2. Same for Highway Patrol in Wilkes County...do not speed on Highway 421!

3. If you park illegally in Boone, you will get a ticket or be towed!

CI 3530-1 hour elective
So You Think You Want to Teach?

Are you interested in our Transfer Educator RLC ???
Are you living on campus in the fall?
And are you interested in Service and Leadership Opportunities with other future teachers?
Contact Jan Stanley at stanleyjp@appstate.edu to join the Transfer Educators Residential Learning Community.

Check out FAQs on back of Handout
Especially the advice from Early College Students, which applies to Transfer Students as well!
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