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Queen Bee Bullying

No description

Erin Horter

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Queen Bee Bullying

Queen Bee Bullying
What It Is and How To Stop It
By: Erin Horter

How the Victims Feel
The victims of a mean girl bully are usually, and surprisingly,
the bullies' own friends.
This is another way that bullies make it secret that they are bullying people. The main way bullies bully their own friends is just by dumping them. This usually makes girls cry and feel alone.
The Parents
What Is Queen Bee Bullying?
Queen Bee bullying
is a form of bullying when girls bully other girls (commonly their own friends) to become more popular.
Queen Bees
, or "
mean girls
", use the following methods to bully:
Snub old friends
Tell lies in rumors and gossip
Insult people
Try to break relationships
Tell embarrassing secrets about other girls in public
Just because these girls don't bully physically, the mark they leave on others is severe. The bullies still have
Ways Bullies......well......Bully
Bullies use many devises to bully other girls. They use......
Cell phones
Speaking directly to the victim
Gossiping to others
Some of these methods can cause a serious problem;
the bullies don't make it obvious that they are bullying these girls.
Parents don't realize anything is wrong and think their daughter is happy in school....and at home.
= key vocab
= main concepts
One thing that most victims do that causes a problem is
they don't tell anyone about their problems.
It is one thing that it isn't obvious that the victim is being bullied, but they fell uncomfortable telling a trusted adult. The longer they get bullied without telling anyone, the worse it gets.
The Wiseman Case
Wiseman was a woman who ran a program by going to schools and teaching girls in 6th and 7th about Queen Bee bullying and why to stop it. Wiseman has wrote books on bullying and wants to teach girls to stop. She found out that
most queen bee bullies don't realize that they are bullying,
and think
it is fine to insult girls.
Wiseman, in one of her lessons, had each girl participate in Apology Day, where they each wrote and apology to someone they might have been mean to. Wiseman found most girls apologized but wrote another insulting comment, too, like "Sorry I called you an idiot, even though it is true."
Parents should be responsible for.....
Monitoring their daughter(s) behavior at school
Asking their daughter(s) if they are being bullied at school
Encouraging kind behavior
Even though parent are supposed to do these thing, it
doesn't always turn out that way.
Talk Time
Parents shouldn't be afraid to talk to their daughter about bullying. This might be one of the only ways someone can find out if a girl is being bullied. Also, the bully's parents should talk to their daughter(s) and ask if they have seen, or have been part of, bullying at their school.
Talking to a girl about bullying could only have a positive affect on the situation. For victims it could....
Make them feel comfortable at school
Help them get the courage to stand up to bullies
Get them to tell the truth if they are being bullied
For bullies it could.......
Make them realize what they are doing
Get them to apologize SINCERELY to victims
Get them to stop bullying in all ways
Get them to stand up to bullies
What We Can Do to Stop Bullying
Queen Bee Bullying is a terrible thing, but I think it can be resolved by
teaching girls what bullying really is.
Bullies think that what they do is OK, and teaching them
will let them know what they are really doing.

Although the main idea to stop bullying is to teach girls what bullying really is, people should also......
Try not to participate in bullying
Help out fellow students who are being bullied
Try to convince bullies to stop bullying
It may be hard to convince someone to stop bullying, but remember
how big of a difference you are making to some girl
Fellow Peers
I have talked about the victims, the bullies, the parents, but the last key step to resolving queen bee bullying is the fellow peers,
. They have to help victims out, stand up to bulling, and pledge not to bully anyone. This could make a HUGE difference, because
you could inspire others not to bully and to stand up to bullies.
Without other girls (and boys) helping their peers and standing up to bullies,
nothing will change.
One things parents can do to prevent bullying is
try to monitor their daughter's phone and computer as much as possible
to check if any other girls are saying harmful things to them. This could end the bullying faster.
A girl crying in the bathroom.......
An old friend to the queen bee now alone and afraid........
A beautiful soul being teased and insulted daily.......
What is bullying to you?
The parents, obviously, have a huge role in their daughter's life, so they should try to help as much as possible. One reason queen bee bullying still exists is because parents don't realize their daughter is being bullied at all. Some parents don't accept their daughter is being bullied because they don't want to go back to the days they were bullied. They need to help their daughter and try to help the situation as much as possible!
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