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K-6 Welcome to Library!

No description

Elizabeth Brisky

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of K-6 Welcome to Library!

...just as a quick reminder, let's take a walk around the library
Mrs. Mercier
Circulation Desk
PK-2, 1 book at a time
3-6, 2 items at a time
Grades 5 and 6 may get a DVD
Return your books on the cart, spine facing OUT
Return your books on time! (7 days)
Be respectful and responsible
The Books
Always use a placeholder when looking for a book
Take good care of the books
Never lend your library book to a friend
Do not lose them, or you will pay!

How would you like to be treated by me?
Library Behavior
How would you like to be treated by your friends?
Social Contract
How do you think I want to be treated by you?
What should we do if there is ever an argument or you see someone being bullied?
How should we treat the books?
What should happen if we do not keep the social contract?
Big No No's
1. Talking while the teacher is talking
2. Being rude or disrespectful
3. Running in the library
4. Using a loud voice
5. Being rough with the books
6. Fighting over the books
7. Getting up without asking first
Mrs. Brisky
Library People
How was your summer?
What did you read over the summer?
1. one warning
2. talk to teacher
3. sit out during book checkout
4. office
Mrs. Mercier
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