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Big Data as Strategy

Establishing a Strategy for Applying Big Data to Corporate Strategy

Neil Fraser

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of Big Data as Strategy

Business Analytics
10 tb of twitter a day
6 Million new web pages a day
99.9% of this is text
Make it Part of Core Business
6 million new web pages a day
10 tb a day for Twitter
99.99 % of this is text
Following the 5 stars : Realise the potential
Tim Berners-Lee
Director of W3C

data is made available
machine readable
format is an open standard, not proprietary
linked data format: URL for all things and properties
Declaring equivalence of properties
Sept 2011
7 Pillars
Which Database ?
Linked Open Data
Big Data Discipline Output
Future is linked
& Contextual
Text Engineer, Machine learning and Stats
Volume and Variety
Collaborate, share and Link Data
Why ? Competitive / Contextual

Who ? Profile

Where ? Spatial Intelligence

What ? Opportunity or Risk
Get the Right People
7 tb of traffic a week
48,500 unique wifi clients a week
800,000 Wifi sessions a week
40,000 students
Business Analytics Program
Executive Education
Business Analytics
Undergraduate Program
Post Grad in Data Science
Applications of Data Science
Thank You
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