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Unit 1: The History & Evolution of Pschology

Founding Fathers, The Great Eight and Specialties of Psychology

Lindsay Hackman

on 25 August 2016

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Transcript of Unit 1: The History & Evolution of Pschology

Psychology's Roots
(a.k.a. "The Founding Fathers")

Wilhelm Wundt
The History of

Edward Tichenor
"Father of Psychology"

First psych laboratory (Germany)

"Introspection" technique

"Psychology is the study of conscious human experiences"
(Wilhelm Wundt's biggest fan)

Spreading Wundt's ideas across Europe

First "School of Thought" in Psychology: STRUCTURALISM

"To understand humans, you must break them down to their most basic units of consciousness."
William James
First psychology book: "Principles of Psychology"

Psych professor at Harvard

second "School of Thought" in Psychology:

"How does breaking human consciousness down into it's most basic components help us to understand the

structure vs. function car analogy
Sigmund Freud
First to suggest the power of the

Third "School of Thought":

Unconscious; dream analysis; early childhood experiences; defense mechanisms; hypnosis; free association; freudian slips

"In life, there are no accidents."
John B. Watson
Fourth "School of Thought":

"Psychology should be the "study of observable behaviors"....period."

Influential enough to dominate the direction (and definition) of psychology from 1920-1960
G. Stanley Hall
"Father of American Psychology"

Specific interests: Evolution, Development & Education

1st Us Psych Lab; 1st Psych Journal; 1st National Psych association (APA); 1st to earn a Doctoral degree in Psychology

Max Wertheimer-Kurt Koffka-Wolfgang Kohler
Conflicting views with Wundt and Structuralists

Added another "school of Thought":

"Gestalt" = "Whole"

If Psych had parents....
Philosophy (i.e. Socrates, Plato, Aristotle)

Debates about the

Mind/body connection

Physiology (i.e. brain, nervous system, the physical body)

The Great Eight
Modern-Day Perspective #1
Behavioral Psychology
The Great Eight
Modern-Day Perspective #2
Psychoanalytic Psychology
Behaviorism & Billy
Psychoanalysis & Billy
The Great Eight
Modern-Day Perspective #3
Humanistic Psychology
Humanism & Billy
The Great Eight
Modern-Day Perspective #4
Cognitive Psychology
Cognitive & Billy
The Great Eight
Modern-Day Perspective #5
Biological Psychology
Neuroscience & Billy
The Great Eight
Modern-Day Perspective #6
Evolutionary Psychology
Evolution & Billy
The Great Eight
Modern-Day Perspective #7
Sociocultural Psychology
Sociocultural & Billy
The Great Eight
Modern-Day Perspective #8
Behavior Genetics Psychology
Behavior Genetics & Billy
Other sources of inspiration....
Age of Enlightenment (i.e. Descartes, Locke, Rosseau)

Empiricism (knowledge comes from direct exposure)
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