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Maggie Twyford

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Nepal

this is a Sarangi kinda sounds like a violin mixed with a flute
Music in Nepal? well it seem so be classical, soothing and spiritual. There is a song called "Salaijo" it is played with western instruments it is a song about nature. but there is also a side of Pop singing with songs like "Nakkale Kanchako" and Rajina Rimal"
How is Nepal culture shown in Melbourne?
Religion in Nepal tends to be

Hinduism: 86.51%
Buddhism: 7.78%
Islam: 3.53%
Christianity and other: 2.17%
The most popular religion is Hinduism and heres a little bit behind this. It has many ideas such as Karma and recarnation.
~SAARC tours Nepal
~Google images
~Mum and Dad
~World atlas

Fashion in Nepal tends to use the color red a lot, with little gems on it quite like Indian fashion
whats life like in rural Nepal
Rural Nepal in one word, Poor=( they happen to one of the poorest countries in the world! On average one person earns $14US a mouth! Most people depend on there farms for food and money. They also don't get access to little things to us like main heathcare, school, clean drinking water and so on.
Urban Nepal
Again urban Nepal is poor too! It is also growing in numbers. Urban Nepal is also a tourist attraction because of its crown jewel mt Everest! But they are not the most environmental part of Nepal ever but it manages.
Well of course there is the food aspect and boy that is Delicious! It is mostly Spicy, I ordered noodles there where so spicy I couldn't eat it!
what is food like in Nepal
Well it is really spicy, but it has its perks
like momos there a Nepalese dumpling
and there Yum! Then there's butter
chicken just normal butter chicken
buts its still delicious !
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