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No description

amal kms

on 23 December 2014

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Transcript of database

분류체계 이해하기
a database that provides the user with the ability to filter the wide scale of restaurants according to
specific choices

We've created Four tables:
The first table is Restaurants :
varbinary(max ):
This type stores binary data .. such as images, audio, movies and even accept 8,000 bytes.

We insert this type like this:

I took this code from
The second table :
And then insert values :
Burydah table:
The Third table:
Unizah table:
The Fourth table :
Alrass table:
Restaurants database interface for user
Examples of queries in SQL:
Display all american restaurants in buraydh
Examples of Quieres
Using interfase
Display name restaurants in Buraidah and the street name where there is a place for families
display all restaurants in alrass that have tables and for family , accept card, provide delivery and reservations ,deals
Display name restaurants in Unizah and phone number that type fast food:
display All restaurant in unizah
with rating 3

Display the name of indian restaurants in alRass that accept card:
Display McDonald opening time and the street and the neighborhood in burydah :
display all restaurant in unizah
that have tables and for family , accept card, provide delivery and reservations and Special servers and accept card and deals

design interface using Microsoft access
We Inspired By The Idea of ( Hello Food and ‫HungerStation)
Site Because We Hope To Have One In Qassim .
And Insh'allah We Will Complete Our Project in Future.
We Hope You Like It..
Thank you..
Any Questions
Amal Al-khamees
Rawabi Al-salamh
Yasmin AL-ateeq
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