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Garrett Morgan

No description

jalan witherspoon

on 23 June 2013

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Transcript of Garrett Morgan

Garret Augustus Morgan
"The Renaissance Man"

Garrett Augustus Morgan was born March 4, 1875 and died July 1963.
He was the seventh child out of eleven.
Morgan Was born in Paris, Kentucky. Than later moved to Cleveland, Ohio.
His father Sydney Morgan was a freed slave in 1863 and mother was Elizabeth Reed Morgan.
Later Morgan married Mary Anne Hassek and had three sons.
Morgan had as far as an sixth grade education and did handy jobs around the city.
"Breathing Device"

In 1914 Morgan patented the gas mask.
The gas mask had two tubes that extended to the floor.
Morgan believed that the freshest air was most likely near the floor.
Morgan demonstrated this device on July 24, 1916 during an underground explosion under Lake Erie rescuing twenty four people.
Then later he received a contract by the U.S. Navy that was used in World War 1.
Traffic Signal
Morgan was awarded gold medal for his heroism by the city of Cleveland on the massive water works Cleveland collapse.
Morgan started several enterprise: sewing machine repair service in 1907, a tailor shop in 1909, and a hair straightening company in 1913.
Standing member of the Cleveland branch of National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.
In 1920 Morgan established the "Cleveland Call" a newspaper that reported local national news of african americans.
Morgan was awarded grand prizes from the SIESS and the IAFE
In 2005, Morgan was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in Akron, Ohio.
In 1922 Morgan invented the traffic signal and patent on November 23, 1923.
Many say that Morgan invented the traffic light which is wrong.
He had a manually operated signal that said stop and go, or stop in all directions which allowed pedestrians to move.
The first traffic signal was located int Willoughby, while the second one was placed on East 9th street and Euclid Avenue in Cleveland.
General Electric recognized how Morgan's invention was needed so they bought it for 40,000 dollars.


The gas mask was doing very well in sales until it was discovered that a black male had invented it. He usually used white salesperson to do demonstrations. In the south he masqueraded as an american indian from Canada who was just there. Also the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission didn't recognize Morgan for his heroism in saving the men of Lake Erie from a tunnel explosion. The committee reported that " it was commendable, but had not place his life at an extraordinary risk

African American in Science, Math, and Invention By; Ray Spangenburg & Kit Moser
Confronting the Odds By; Bessie House-Soremekun
100 Greatest African Americans By:Molefi Kete Asante
Black Pioneers of Science and Inventions By: Louis Harbor
In the process of inventing a fabric straightening chemical which helped paved the way for better hair care among African Americans.
The gas mask provided safer worker conditions for chemists, firefighters, and engineers.
The traffic signal made traveling more convenient and safer for everyone
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