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Brand Name

ESL middle school lesson

m leggett

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Brand Name

Brand Name Brand Name-
The word or words used
to identify the company,
product or service Logo-
The visual sign that
identifies the brand Tagline or Catchphrase:
"The Quicker Picker Upper"
is associated with Bounty Shapes:
The distinctive shape
of the Coca-Cola bottle
or the Volkswagen
Beetle Graphics-
Special features of
the logo or name Tagline or Catchphrase:
"Just Do It" is an important
part of the Nike brand. Nintendo
Shinhan Tagline or Catchphrase:
"Imagine" is an important
part of the Samsung brand Tagline or Catchphrase:
"Zoom Zoom"is an important
part of the Mazda brand Design a Brand

Catchphrase Microsoft
Disney Plain ? Tagline or catchphrase-
A phrase that identifies
the company Tagline or Catchphrase:
"I'm lovin' it" is
associated with
Mcdonalds The dynamic ribbon is part of Coca-Cola's
brand Design a Brand

Catchphrase Burger King

I'm lovin' it
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