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Care, Compassion, Community

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Jeremy Tonkin

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Care, Compassion, Community

The Compassionate Hospital -
a Community of Caring

The late Professor Kieran Sweeney who sadly died in 2009. 3 core messages 8th March 2013 Care, Compassion, Community Quiet Mind
Open Heart Inspire, Provoke, Enable Why compassion? Compassion Compliance A Paradigm Shift "Inadvertent Humiliations" ‘Elevating the status of care giving’ What habits create and sustain a consistently dignified and compassionate approach to care? The 3 Habits
that Transform Care What do you think and feel about the way you care for yourself? The Compassion Habits Compassion starts with the Self.

How can I respond with consistent compassion if I am not aware of and being kind to myself? Listening Asking Thanking 1. Ignoring Self-Compassion ‘Here I am (self-aware), caring for myself (self-compassion), so that I can care for you (compassion).’ Imagine a moment in the future when you find yourself in hospital and your carer is walking towards you. What quality do you long for? Leaders must stand for compassion. The need for a compassionate state of mind in relation to dementia. Compassion persists only with leadership for the long-term so that when leaders move on, the culture of compassion remains. Fear Trust 2. Pretending 3. Selecting 4. Active
5. Profound And the level required
for compassionate care... "Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity." Simone Weil Qualities of the Compassionate Leader Qualities Practices Behaviours Caring Calm Strong Committed Balanced Appreciates Encourages Inspires Thinks... and feels Acts Welcomes Facilitates Collaborates Learns Regenerates
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