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Algebra 1 Review

No description

Brandon LeClerc

on 27 August 2010

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Transcript of Algebra 1 Review

Review The test will cover:

Adding and Subtracting Matrices
Probability and Odds
Distributive Property
Real Number Operations + = 2 5

-7 6 3 -2

4 1 Remember: when adding or subtracting matrices,
you must pay attention to what numbers you are
using... + 2 5

-7 6 3 -2

4 1 Notes:

You cannot add or subtract matrices
of different sizes.

The size of a matrix is given by
"# of rows x # of columns"
Like this:
"2 x 2" or "4 x 3"
Now...Probability and Odds... The probability of rolling
a five on a dice is 1/6. But the
probability of
rolling two fives
is 1/36. Notes:

It is more difficult to do things multiple times in
a row; therefore, the probability decreases.

Example: Marbles in a bag... Odds= The number of things you want
The number of things you don't want _________________________ Notes: The odds add up to the total number of
possible outcomes.

Example: If there are 5 red marbles in a bag and
15 white marbles, the odds of
picking a red marble are 5/15 and the
probability is 5/20 The distributive property:

a(b + c) = ab + ac

When we distribute, we multiply the numbers and variables inside of the parenthesis by the ones outside. Examples:

3(x - 4) = 3x - 12

-2(f + m) = -2f - 2m

-4(x - 2) = -4x + 8

(3 + z)(3) = 9 + 3z

Be careful of the negative signs.

It doesn't matter what side the outside
number is on. Reals...
Don't worry, you will do awesome. It is only this much...
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