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Star Trek and Looking for Eric

A case study comparing the marketing of the two films

Neil Hutchins

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Star Trek and Looking for Eric

Does the film have an exploitable theme?
Is the cast/director of interest?
Is it a genre movie?
Will reviews matter?Double click anywhere & add an idea MARKETABILITY Marketing a film SETTING THE MARKETING STRATEGY WHAT – is the film – defining genre, what similar films have been released, is it commercial, arthouse – Positioning

WHO – will it appeal to, who is the Target Audience WHEN – Timing is everything HOW – do you make your Target Audience aware of the film. How do you make them want to go and see it what? - genre who? - is the target audience Are they men/women? Are they upscale/down market?
What age are they? What is their media consumption? What do they do? when?... ...is the best date for the film? ...can/should the marketing start? how?... ...do you raise awareness and interest? ...do you establish what trigger points there are? Marketing a BLOCKBUSTER the last two STAR TREK films at the box office building the audience
the bullseye STAR TREK fan like these... ...therefore: CORE AUDIENCE
all adults core audience analysis media rationale 'THE FUTURE OF BLOCKBUSTERS' broadly targetted (male skew) spectacular inclusive media strategy summary Associate with cool, iconic properties

Dominate with impactful placements, formats and creative

THE most anticipated film. teaser posters and trailers teaser trailer: jan 2008 teaser posters: nov 2008 regular posters and trailers regular trailer: nov 2008 regular poster april 2008 other creative marketing tv spots:
extensively researched
spots cut for specific programmes / audiences interactive media Teaser & official website
Downloads (buddy icons, games, wallpapers, email signatures)
Augmented webcam experience
Fan Kit for sites Sony PS3 Home partnership (virtual Q & A, Avatar competition)
Mobile content and gaming
Video game
iPod Applications/games publicity Feed the Fans (set visits, blogs)
Broaden the horizons (film mags, cinema goers)
Boldly go where no Trek has gone before – true Blockbuster PR (Junket/Premiere) promotions Licensing Third parties Retail Media Screening Programmes – Word of Mouth Online
Exhibitor Vue Secret Screenings
- 30 nationwide screenings
- Generated positive buzz on social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, etc
- Over 80% attendance

Heat Screenings
- 20 nationwide screenings
- 85% attendance success of failure? Amazing word of mouth

Phenomenal critical reviews

Enhanced sustaining campaign $35M
(worldwide - $258M) ...and still counting! marketing independent film:
audience profile research - quantifying the audience competition around the release date release strategy Target audience / comps
ABC1 25+ male film afficionados/ Ken Loach fans
ABC1 25-54 adults
25-64 male football fans
12 June 2009
Wide release – 200+ prints
Ken Loach / Eric Cantona
Launch at Cannes Film Festival
Great reviews
£1m+ spend positioning the movie A Ken Loach movie...
A football movie...
A romantic comedy...
Or a quirky British comedy...? a ken loach movie... a football movie... a romantic comedy... a quirky British comedy Extensive in-house PR Campaign

Cantona fully supporting
Friday Night With Jonathan Ross
Premieres in Manchester, Dublin and London
Cannes coverage
Main campaign combines Cantona and Loach campaign phasing press advertising campaign tv adverts targetting... football fans a broad audience ...and female appeal
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