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TIS Bookstore


Danielle Young

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of TIS Bookstore

MASTER PLANNING YOUR IDENTITY Phase I GOAL: Create visual interest to draw customers further into the store. Phase II GOAL: Create visual interest to draw customers further into the store. OK, so what do we focus on FIRST? Engage the Customer by... TIS Bookstore Phase III GOAL: Bring people in off the street. Why Master Plan? Clear vision for the future
Phase work as funds allow
Be strategic with your money
Prevent rework
Incorporate sustainability
Enhance overall quality 2. Ramp Feature Wall 3. General Improvements 4. Slat Wall Feature 5. Corner Display Piece Break-down of Proposed Phases 2 4 5 3 potential feature between columns
extend wall and apply graphic
cable display reusing glass shelving
depth & dimension
temporary dry-erase for sales/promos black paint on columns frames it
sealed plywood at base
industrial aesthetic
anchor for reusing graphic panel
adjustable track lighting existing ceiling to remain
carpets removed
sealed concrete
common in large retailers painting railings to match new furniture will bring cohesion
graphic images above slat wall will guide customer further into store potential to guide customers in
reuse graphic panel & frame with symmetrical build-out about ramp
break up monotony of slat wall
create visual interest black paint contrasts light slat wall wood
soffit in line with slat wall with recessed lighting from awkward level change to display opportunity
arched wood platform creates "stage"
aligns with and rounds off the two major axes/walls
smooths flow & directs customers ideal for large scale, seasonal displays
grills & tailgating equipment during football season
lounge chairs and towels during spring break
soffit above reflects platform
seamless digital graphics
recessed lighting Nova Display System 3M Graphic Film Finishes 1. Sealed Concrete 2. Plywood 3. Paint Existing 3form Panel Dry Erase Paint (Black) 1. Flooring 2. Ads/Promos 3. Columns 1 3 2 remove carpet
continue sealed concrete
easy maintenance
modern aesthetic
remove employee workstation
keep "back of house" back of house
add seating for waiting at fitting room dry erase paint in lieu of banners
huge cost savings
temporary / can change when sales change
allow employees to express their creativity remove slat wall
provide alternate display options
dress them up! Opto Classic 1. Flooring 3. Columns 1 3 remove existing
continue sealed concrete
easy maintenance
modern aesthetic provide alternate display options
dress them up! (update graphic image if necessary) So... Phase I Phase III Phase II Let's get started! 2. Ceiling improve aesthetics
improve acoustics
upgrade lighting
create an "atmosphere"
spotlight important merchandise 2 Level Change
Furniture Solution
Ramp Feature Wall
Nova Display
3M Film
General Improvements
Slat Wall Feature
Reuse 3form
Corner Display Piece Flooring
Dry Erase Paint
Columns Flooring
Ceiling Using Interior Design to create your BRANDING embodying school spirit
encouraging customer investment
creating modern environment So... Phase I GOAL: Bring people in off the street. (available w/o casters) 1. Level Change 1 remove guardrail
low fixed furniture to act as divider
maintain visibility to major graphic wall
shelving / lockers / tables 1992 2002 1997 2007 2012 2017
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