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Thesis Project

No description

Danny H

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of Thesis Project

Travel technology has evolved greatly into the modern devices we know today, such as early land travel advancing into today's land transportation, steam boats into motor boats, and early plans of flying machines into the air crafts we know today.
One of the fastest and most convenient ways for transportation was boats, not only was it faster than traveling by foot, it allowed travelers to pass impassable large bodies of water. Early settlers of America used boats for transporting food, supplies, and people. Early steam boats could hold up to 30 people and went around 7-8 miles per hour, this steam boat model was quickly beaten by another model the next year that could go 30 miles per hour, but they were very dangerous. The steamboat started to gain popularity around America and thus the era of the steamboat began in 1787.
The Evolution of Travel Technology
Early Ways to Travel by Land
Early ways to Travel by Water
Modern Ways of Transportation by land
Steam Engine Automobile
Electric Automobile
Gas Powered Automobile
Foot Travel/Animal Uses
Foot travel was the first way to travel before they invented wheels. Even if it was the first way of traveling, we still use it today. Early Americans also used the wheel to push and pull objects. Later, they used animals to help push and pull the objects for transportation, farming, and other uses.
Later on in the 1890s, the first American automobiles were invented. There were three competing engines in the automobiles. One of them was internal combustion engines. The gas-powered internal combustion engines were too unreliable, noisy, dirty, and hard to start up. Furthermore, there was the steam engines. Steam engines were quite popular, despite the slow starting time in cold weather. Battery powered engine were another popular engine, but only in the cities. But in the 1900s the gas-powered automobiles became more popular, because of the electric starter invention.
The railroads were an important development of the Industrial Revolution. The railroads replaced canals as a primary way of transportation. The first trains were steam powered. Trains were a quick way of traveling far distances and also it could carry goods safely.
Early Steam Boats of America
Modern Ways to Travel By Water
Early Ways to Travel By Air
Modern Cars
The modern cars were different from the cars in the 1800s. The modern cars received a different design then the cars in 1800s and they became more artful. The modern cars are safer and has a wider application of fuel injection. Furthermore, the modern cars are faster and are more durable.
Modern Railroad/Trains
Trains had become more durable, quicker, and safer than the models from the past. The most common modern train is the bullet train, the bullet train is a high speed fast paced train. Bullet trains are used mostly for transportation, so we use freight trains to transport goods.
Early Air travel by Planes
Modern Boats in America
Boats have advanced a lot over the years. The modern boats now are safer, faster, and come in variety of sizes. Boats have more uses that are useful than the boats in the 1700s. For example, there are boats that can break ice that are called icebreakers. There are also party boats called cruises and private boats called yachts.
The first American plane was invented by two American inventors and aviation pioneers whose names were Wilbur Wright and Oliver Wright. It was the first successful airplane that was heavier than air. The plane was built on December 17, 1903. Their plane was successful, because they learned the fundamentals of the three-axis control. This gave the pilot the ability to steer the airplane. This was later sold to the U.S. Army.
Modern Ways to Travel by Air
Modern airplanes advanced a lot from the early American planes. Now the airplanes are a lot safer, more durable, and has longevity. One of the modern airplanes is called the Airbus A319. The airplanes now are much larger and hold more items and people.
Modern Planes in America
Modern travel technology has evolved greatly from the early American technology for instance, early American land travel technology advancing into what we have today, early American steamboats to the modernize boats, and the first American plane to newest one.
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