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BOO Copy

No description

Lexi Gauslow

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of BOO Copy

Friday Afternoon Networking

Networking with employers at various locations in Downtown Lakeland

Networking venues divided by fields of interest
Purpose of the Event
Link students with employers and
opportunities for employment in Lakeland
Identify and retain talent in Lakeland
Part 1: Networking
Part 2: First Friday
To give students a sample of the events, community, and fun that Lakeland offers
Suit Up for First Friday
A First Friday
Connecting College Student Talent with Local Employers

Employers have a chance to connect with and recruit students
Students see the opportunities available in Lakeland after they graduate
First Friday
Bands from each school
performing in
different areas of Downtown
Big Stage
in Munn Park for
Mascot Dance-Off
along with other entertainers from
each school
Spirit Contest
Think: Pep Rally
Designated area in Munn Park for
student-run clubs to advertise projects or fundraise
......after work comes
Sponsored by
Local Universities, LACC, DLP
Design Class
Thursday Squared
Food Truck Rally:
Rally the Spirit
Targeting a variety of majors
Building Community
Increasing Retention
The Launch of the Idea:
The Lakeland Collegiate Alliance
by the Lakeland Collegiate Alliance
Additional Events
The Business School Social

The Business School Kick-off event
THE EBS Networking Event
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